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I don't suppose..

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..we could have a remove thread from view feature, could we, please?


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    oh an a filter for discussions I have taken part in would be nice too?
  • like the "discussion filters" that is on the left?

    or "sink" this discussion that is there too?
  • has that just sunk for me or others too?
  • well its still the second post under the stickies but it says SINK in the title.
  • Sod this for a game of battleships, I've been sunk!
  • ok i unsunk it! I thought that was just for the individual! it seems i can sink the lot of ya!

    do you have discussion filters raz? on the left, you can view topics started by you, or that you've taken part in? and you can bookmark some?
  • your discussions is only for ones you have started I think..
  • you have the option of going into a discussion and bookmarking it if you wish. Your discussions will select out every discussion started by you.

    If you go into Search, you can select out all of your own comments that you have ever made.
  • No, sorry, not possible right now. You can remove entire Categories from view by blocking them on the Category page, if that is of help. Were a per discussion/per user personal delele possible (and I'm not sure its technically a good idea, as the database would grow big fast if a lot of people were deleting discussions on a personal basis), it would be at the bottom of a long list, so don't get your hopes up for anything happening anytime soon ;-)

    For info, when a discussion is marked Sink, it means that even in spite of new comments, the discussion won't bubble to the top, it will continue to fall when others are bumped up. But as Suzi says, it is Forum wide. It's for when a couple of people are banging on about something only they are interested in, there continued discussion isn't propped up for others who couldn't care less.
  • If you go to your (or anyoneelse's account page) there are a set of options in the control panel, one of which is Find Discussions by this user and Comments by this user.

    You can also go to Search, as AFKA says, and search for Comments by razil under the advanced tab. You can then save that search (or any search) and name it "razil's comments" for instance. Then you can run that search from the control panel at any time and will get the latest results.
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