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A Month with the BIG four.

Pretty gripping stuff this year if you ask me.

A Month ago, all the quintuple talk and Utd looking invincable.

Two weeks later and Liverpool have just hammered four past Real Madrid and Man Utd.

Another two weeks and Chelsea pull that one out of the bag tonight and the gooners have Cesc and 'Kanu' back and look a force again.


  • Porto's ambition against Utd was really thrilling & Chelski turning Liverpool over comprehensively went against all the pundits? Barca v Chelsea is a potentially great European match. I don't like the sniping re Newcastle, Southampton on here. It's all well having a laugh but when it comes to glass houses we just don't have enough stones?
  • Man U were poor and careless, just as they have been recently, but for a last minute winner against Villa their record over the last few weeks is poor. Given Fergie's reputation I wouldn't want to have been in the changing room after Tuesday's game. Well done to porto though for taking advantage of Man U, the return leg should be interesting.

    Liverpool were out thought by Chelsea last night, so much goes through Gerrard that they often run out of ideas if you take him out the game and Essien did a great job of man-marking him.
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