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'You won a Scudetto in the court...

.... the second because there was no competition and the third was won at the last minute. You are all a pile of shit'

Jose Mourinho was overheard calling his players a 'pile of shit' following their 3-1 defeat to Atalanta.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica claims they heard Mourinho lay into his players inside the changing rooms following their dismal display. Releasing a transcript of what the former Chelsea manager told his star players, Mourinho was clearly pulling no punches.

"You won a Scudetto in the court, the second because there was no competition and the third was won at the last minute. You are all a pile of s**t," Mourinho is quoted as saying by La Repubblica.

The paper goes on to claim that Mourinho's rant continued for some time after these harsh words.

Sky Sport Italia also claim Mourinho threw his notebook in the bin in anger, such was his disappointment with the result.

Mourinho said to the press following the defeat last weekend, "I can't explain it." He continued, "I should keep quiet and let the sports press use any adjective they want, which I must accept, given my team played such an awful match."

The 'special one' appears to have patched things up following Inter's win over AS Roma in the Coppa Italia. "This victory is a very good reaction to the defeat we suffered on Sunday in Bergamo," admitted Mourinho. "When we play in that fashion, everything is better - both on and off the field. For this reason I am happy and so are the players as we don't like to lose."

Hope he comes back to England, boy he's missed.


  • Do you think he had just watched "The Damned United"?
  • He's brilliant.

    May be a bit wrong to say a modern day Clough but you understand my sentiment.
  • oh hello stranger Rothko -

    quality comment by the way.

    How's the far reaches of england been treating you
  • Howdy fella, it's been good, loads done, loving the job. Missing games ain't fun, but got to pay the mortgage. How's tricks with you?
  • Fair comment from Jose to be fair. Horrible man and he winds me up terribly, but I guess that is his point. I'd miss him if he was crushed by a piano, or something.
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