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The things they say...

Can we start a thread of the unlikely and improbable things people say?

My post prompted by reading about Sir Alex Ferguson's press conference yesterday. Did he, of all people, really say :




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    Good call to lift spirits Nigel.

    A few I've heard recently:

    Pardew: "I categorically NEVER managed West Ham"

    Spurs Fans: “We may well have a history of success pre- this millennium, have a big fan base and a 379 year waiting list for season tickets but we are no longer a big club”.

    Palace Fans: “We hate you Charlton. You are our real rivals and you know it but wont admit it.”

    Millwall Fans: “If they want to build an annexe to the Den to facilitate a diversity awareness centre then we are all for it…come on chaps its 2009 for Christ’s sake.”

    Liverpool/ Everton fans: “Yeah shit happens in every city but you just gotta roll with the punches and get on with it la.”

    Man Utd Fans: “ Anything” (In an authentic Manchester accent).

    Simon Jordan: "My heart goes out to Charlton after their relegation. They are a model club and Ive got nothing but respect for everyone there as they have always made me feel welcome when we have played there. I hope they enjoy League One but not too much as I'd like to see them back in the Championship.... no the Premiership asap as that's where a remarkable club like that belong."

    Government representative on Question Time: " Actually you have got a very good point there. I admit that I was wrong and yes we have failed. In fact we have completely f*cked up. I apologise, we all make mistakes."

    Many a poster on here (including myself): "Aah...good point. In fact very good point. You have completely blown my own argument out of the water with your witty, well- constructed, evidence- based retort. I will no longer let my ego or burning desire to remain undefeated in an internet- facilitated debate cloud my sense of reason and logic. Fair play to you good sir and to you I doth my cap".

    Or maybe I dreamt them. ;-)
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