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Froch versus Taylor

have been looking forward to this since it was announced , unfortunalty though the various british broadcasters have decided our only world champ with a decent belt don't warrent showing so if you want to see it then it's gonna be watching on the net only.

Think this is a really interesting one , at middleweight and a couple of years ago I'd have said Taylor but at super right now I think Froch just has the edge the only thing that could cause problems for him is it being in the states.


  • Have you got a link? I'm screwing here listening to 5 live!

    I've seen nearly all of Froch's bouts and it is revolting no British broadcaster can be arsed to show our only real champ in action.

    Has anyone got a link??????
  • fight is being re-shown on ITV4 tonight at 8.30pm and again on ITV1 at 11.15pm mate

    cannot wait to see it , sounds like a cracker
  • Sounded being the operative word I am absoultely choked I didn't watch it but will be checking it out tonight. Stopped him in the 12th after being stuck on his arse in the 3rd himself.

    He can clean up the super-middleweight division
  • My word, what a final round!
  • Have to say they were great rounds 11 + 12.....
  • so good seeing all those fat goby yanks that were giving it in the crowd looking so shocked

    if that other gobby yank taylor wants a rematch it's about time he got his lazy arse over here aint it and the same goes for the rest of them , he's the champ , you want it come and get it
  • and quite right it was stopped then..

    Despite the american interviewer's angle............
  • Great final round from Froch. Did well to come back after being put on his arse in the 3rd. Ref made the right decision in stopping the fight.
  • the refs comment that "I don't look at the time just the condition the fighter is in"
  • Every time I watch Froch fight, I feel nervous. He has the worst style of any fighter I've seen for a long time. He has no guard and his left hand is held so low. However, he's got great heart and power. Taylor was great to watch. Speed, combinations and good feet work. Again his stamina let him down and it told in the last three rounds. Hopefully he won't retire. If Calzaghe were to come out of retirement, which he won't, he'd destroy Froch.
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  • What an awesome last round. Big up yourself Cobra!
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