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The oldest and youngest Lifer?

edited July 2009 in General Charlton
Apologies if this has been done before, but seeing the news about Henry Allingham I wondered how old we actually go on here?
Would be nice to think we had some older folk on here, apart from the youngsters like me ;-)
And just to clarify the age groups :
0-12 bairn
12-15 hoodie
16- 18 binge drinker and part time hoodie
19-22 student and part time binge drinker
23-40 - mature student of life
41-51 surprisingly youthful still ;-)
52 - 65 getting on a bit eh
65 + a mature discerning citizen
80+ a credit to yourself but not always sure where you are.

So what we got? This is your chance to claim you are an even older git than me:-)


  • see this one 3B
  • I'm definitely not a mature student of life...
  • edited July 2009
    Thanks Afka I thought it might have been done I'll vote myself in ;-)
    in the meantime......

    Scene : A boat called The Missing Thread sails peacefully on the Pacific.

    "It's lovely here isn't it darling, just you and me and the vast ocean around us"
    "Er yes, Frank, but what is that long silver thing that is coming towards us through the water? It looks like a torpedo.."
    "Nonsense darling, it's probably just some sort of haddock...."

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