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Train to Yeovil

Just booked 4 tickets (1 Gold Card)to Yeovil, 8:30 from Paddington for £112.


  • Without wishing to sound all trainspottery(I used to live in Yeovil), for all those getting trains down, both stations Yeovil Pen Mill (for those coming from paddington and changing at Bath, Westbury, castle cary etc) and those direct from Waterloo to Yeovil Junction. Both stations are a bit out of town, and the ground is again out of town in another direction, so have a check for the buses from both stations to the bus station. You can get cabs from the station, but there is more likely to be cabs waiting at Junction as opposed to Pen Mill

    There is one bus from the bus station to the ground, leaving at ten to two. One bus goes back to the bus station at 17.05.

    Other wise its cabs, the ones worth their salt in Yeovil are
    Radio cabs 01935 426 666.
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