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i cant sleep

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after drinking silly amounts then having a curry with ketman, carlsberg, mortain and mortsgenius, i'm still pumped up.

what a day


  • That was a gorgeous madras (Carter you shat out there mate).
    lot of beers sank yesterday, i lost count after the 5th before the game. my train back to maidstone got cancelled so i had to share a cab with some pikey. got home about 12.
    it was nice to meet some lifers.

    cracking day. result wasn't bad either!
  • Got back to Gillingham & connection to Sittingbourne was cancelled. Sitting at that station with my head thumping was not nice. Then a West Ham fan sat next to me & I started to feel a bit better, poor bloke looked gutted.
  • Would have loved to have gone for a ruby too lads but duty called and I had to do the dirty work
  • [cite]Posted By: carlsberg[/cite]That was a gorgeous madras (Carter you shat out there mate).

    you might wanna put that differently as i had to read it a few times to work out what you meant!!!!!
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