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Accident in Eltham Last night

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I know off topic.. did anyone hear about a road accident in Eltham last night where there was fatality. I had waited in Catford for a 160 bus and found the first one cancelled and the 2nd late. then went on a detour on the Sidcup by pass. I saw police tape it off. It was the road that leads from Tesco's Roundabout to Yorkshire Grey rondabout? I have tried searched on intranet but very little news. Bus driver said there was a fatality??


  • rumour going around in eltham that a 6 year old was killed when hit by a car by cliftons roundabout.
  • Thanks paulbaconsarnie that would explain why it was all taped up and everything at the time.. all i know was that it was a fatility and that was from my bus driver. I was annoed about my bus not turning up and then late but as soon as you hear that it puts it all in perspective !!
  • This young lad was in my sons class at Eltham Green. My son and his classmates are devastated,it certainly puts everything in perspective. My thoughts and prayers are with his parents and siblings. RIP Gabriel.
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