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Players this season

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Rating 6 as a par

Elliot--- 6 good enough for this level and maybe Chumps league. made a few rickets but not bad overal.

Richardson ---6 we look better with him in the team, good going forward not so good defending.
Youga---7 maybe this is his level .He was playing well till he disappeared into the black hole of our treatment room
Daily--- 8 possibly the Man of The Season. Only one bad game, shame it was aginst Nillwall. Consistant.
Sodji ---6 should be better than this level but he loses the plot and anyone sent off 13 times in his playing life time is just a time bomb
LLera---5 loses the plot sometimes in adiferant way to the above, has had a few mares and some good games. Should be a squad player only.
Basey--5 shame he got the injury. Thought this might be his level but has yet to prove he can hack it even at this level.

Sam--- 6 the rest ofthe divison rates this guy big time. Double up on him every game. Yet still we see little end product. The same can be said of people like Lennon of Spurs. Sam is better than this level but he hasnt really shown it.
Bailey-- 9 Most peoples Man of the Season. God knows where we would be without him. He should always play in the centre -- thats the centre Parkinson you twat. Better than this level and will be snapped up next season.
Racon---5 this guy is over rated. One good game this year at most. Dosnt do enough when he has the ball another major disapointment.
Smedo ---8 To good for this level. He should be the destroyer that he can be and will go one to play at a much higher level than this.
Jon Jo --- 7 WTF is going on here ? if he aint been sold alreadyhow the hell can he not get a game in this team ? huge disapointment we aint seen more of him.
Wagstaff---6 could go on to be a good player.Has shown on micro bits he has something
Reid----7 To good for this level.

Mooney---5 A Reading reserve and he looks it. far to lightwieight for this level.
The Other Sodji---5 Strong-- thats it.
Mac SickNote---- Just take the money and naff off-------------ooo sorry he has.
Burton ---7 we play much better with him in the team, when he is fit that is.

Parkinson ---3 his karioki (sic) song should be "i who have nothing" --------- thats what he brings to the CAFC table nothing.

The Fans---8 still keep turning up-- still keeping singing adverage gate over 17,000 well done. The team dont deserve it.


  • more or less thats sums it up

    Fans 8 thats fro the North Upper the rest 5
  • I cannot possibly agree with Bailey being man of the season, nor do I agree that he should play in the centre of a 4-4-2 with our squad. For me, he isn't standing out in this division as much as I thought he would given that he looked competitive in the Championship.

    Youga, Semedo and Burton are my picks.
  • Pretty much agree GH.

    I think Reid has been the best loanee since the Prem.
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    Agree although I would say Elliot a 7 as think he has saved us on many occassions and luckily the mistakes he has made have not led to as many goals as they could have (for example againt Stockport at home). Also has won us valuable points inc Brentford, Wycombe and Yeovil at home!

    Semedo and Bailey are my picks 8.5 each, with Dailly based on pre xmas form not far behind
    Youga could have been great this year, Basey was looking good.

    Llera a 4 from me, for me he shows how far we have fallen, awful defender.
  • is there another robbie elliot i've not seen??
  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]
    The Fans---8

    Really? Booing your team and players at half time?
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    Elliot - 6.5 - Usually fairly happy with him, still makes mistakes but he's usually reliable for a young goalkeeper. Nothing outstanding at this level, one of those players that has done roughly what I expected.

    Richardson - 6 Some good games, some poor, he does the job at this level but am not always convinced by him.
    Solly - 6 - Has done ok but because of his injury never got a run at right back. A lot more to come from him in the future.
    Youga - 7.5 - Was having a good season, looked more solid, shame he got injured. Is actually one of our best dribblers, along with his pace that is very useful in starting attacks.
    Basey - 6 - For me he just does ok without ever standing out. Don't see left back as his long term position, rest of his game isn't good enough to make up for his lack of pace (some say thats a cliche but he is slow for a full back and is built more like a centre back).
    Dailly - 6.5 - Good first half of the season but not as good recently, though I wasn't there Saturday. Probably expected a bit more from him, but then again maybe it's not a surprise when a Championship club didn't take him.
    Sodje - 6 - Some great games but some poor ones as well. Does the job most of the time at this level though, pretty much what I expected from him.
    Llera - 5.5 - A bit too inconsistent for me, has a few good games then goes back to making silly errors. Our record is better with him in the team than Sodje, but he's still a worry.

    Sam - 6 - Great start, decent games in the middle, poor recently. This is the only level he's really had a good run of form. Funny one as I'll defend him and say he's important to the team, his assists show that, but at the same time he's not truely a Championship player. He doesn't get into enough scoring positions, is a poor finisher generally so doesn't score goals, his fitness isn't great and he's not actually as quick as people say. Underperforming now but this level isn't beyond him with those weaknesses in his game.
    Bailey - 7 - Not been impressed for a while but he's our best player simply because he has less weaknesses than most players. Only really stands out for goalscoring and work rate, but as most of his game is decent at this level he's a good player. Needs to step up otherwise his rating will be lower by the rest of the season. His goals have pushed him up from 6.5.
    Racon - 5 - Big disappointment for me, but I overrated him after he looked good in a 4-5-1 last season. Technically good but rest of his game doesn't stand out anywhere. Not a defensive player, not a goalscorer, not a creative player (tricks and a few dribbles isn't being creative), as I've said I just don't see a clear job for him.
    Semedo - 6.5 - Does his job but limited going forward even at this level. Don't see him as destroyer, he's not really about aggressive tackles and Kishishev style chasing and closing down, just sits back and tidies up.
    Shelvey - 6.5 Was doing ok, sets up and scores goals, not quite as good as last season, but still promising and I enjoy watching him. Need to use him in the run in. He is one of our best players, but unlike Bailey, has some good areas and poor areas to his game, rather than just being decent all round.
    Wagstaff - 6.5 - Good as an impact sub, not ready to be starting. Has progressed but has a lot to do to be a regular.
    Reid - 7 - Done well but I do wonder if he'd be consistent over a season. Terrible game against Brighton. Will score more than Sam but less likely to set one up, so like him I don't agree he's too good for this level. If he was, he'd have made a bigger impact at Sheff Utd.
    Spring - 6 - Does his job nothing more most of the time.

    Mooney - 6 - Another inconsistent player, hard to get what he's all about, but he's ok at this level. Ideally he'd be back up and we'd have 2/3 better strikers ahead of him.
    Akpo - 6 - He is what he is, a nuisance, fairly quick, strong, can be ok in the air, works hard, but a limited player. Wouldn't expect a great deal more from him that's why I haven't given him 5.5 or less.
    Burton - 7.5 - So important to us, best football brain at the club, good touch, scored more than we expected, creates goals and works fairly hard.
    McKenzie - Not rating him, just not seen enough. A risk that didn't come off.
    McLeod - 5 - A few goals but such a limited player, still shocked Pardew thought he was worth over £1m.

    Parkinson - 6 - I said I thought he could get us to the play-offs, and he hopefully will. Hoped he might get a bit more out of the team and get us in the top 2, still a chance but we will probably miss out. That said most of us overrated our players, midfield in particular. With this squad we could have still had a worse season, Parky has done ok but nothing more, certainly hasn't been terrible. Done far better than many thought he was capable of.

    Won't bother rating the rest that have only played the odd game here and there. Not getting into the debate about the fans, the atmosphere at home isn't anything special, some of them boo which doesn't help, some (see OS Your Views) are far too impatient and don't understand the expectations and the level of our players so blame everything on Parky.
  • bailey no way man of the season, consistantly shocking distribution.

    youga was on track, but since he's missed so many games... give it to daily
  • Put Bailey down to 7 as Burton and Youga have had better seasons, even though Bailey will probably win POTY (of course Youga hasn't played enough to deserve it).
  • I would like to see Semedo win POTY, think he does not always get the praise he deserves but imho would be a worthy winner.

    Burton majorly let himself down v Swindon and has not scored from open play this year so would not give poty to him, Bailey has been good but nice to see someone else win it.
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    I know he's a striker and people won't agree, but Burton was never here to be scoring regularly, instead he scores a few AND creates goals. Should have scored more this year I guess, but over the season his record is ok. He's also on 10 assists, something not many strikers have got and easily forgotten. Hoolahan and Roberts are on 13, the most in the league.

    Charlton goalscorers

    and assists here

    Alongside a proper goalscorer in this league he'd look even better. Might have let himself down v Swindon, but that's one silly moment over an entire season. Which player hasn't done something stupid or made a major mistake while being a regular in the team?
  • GH - would go along with all your summing up except for Racon, personally I think he's better than that...but then that's just my opinion.
  • all about opinions mate --- mine being the right ones of course
  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]all about opinions mate --- mine being the right ones of course

    i make your summing up spot on so i make this statement right an all
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    Don't disagree with too much re the players. I'd just swap your ratings of Parkinson and the fans. Ok, I'd be more generous and give the fans 6, apart from the boo boys, who deserve a minus score in my opinion.

    We are in contention for automatic promotion. If Parky was really that bad, we'd be at the other end of the table.
  • Isn't this all a bit early? So much can still happen between now and the end of the season to change people's perceptions on how players have done. For instance incredibly unlikely but if Mooney was to score 10 goals in the next few games then there's no way he will warrant a 5 or 6. Likewise if Bailey was to carry on with his current form then I'm sure his marks will drop as well. Also we haven't had the chance to judge Warner, Fry or Forster and who knows they could all make a vital impact on the season.
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    Goonerhater - agree with almost all your marks. But, as a fan, I would give myself 8.5 (I do get a bit quiet and gloomy when we play really terribly otherwise I'd have given myself a 9! All that money I spend. All those miles I drive to get there. All the will-power and positivity I try and send out. Blmey, I think I deserve a medal.)
  • [cite]Posted By: Scoham[/cite]McLeod - 5 - A few goals but such a limited player, still shocked Pardew thought he was worth over £1m.
    I'm still furious that pardew was allowed to spunk over £1m on him. A 5 seems like a generous rating to me!!!
  • [cite]Posted By: SaySomething[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Scoham[/cite]McLeod - 5 - A few goals but such a limited player,still shocked Pardew thought he was worth over £1m.
    I'm still furious that pardew was allowed to spunk over £1m on him. A 5 seems like a generous rating to me!!!
    only because he did score a few and I didn't expect much from him.
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    [cite]Posted By: Scoham[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: SaySomething[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Scoham[/cite]McLeod - 5 - A few goals but such a limited player,still shocked Pardew thought he was worth over £1m.
    I'm still furious that pardew was allowed to spunk over £1m on him. A 5 seems like a generous rating to me!!!
    only because he did score a few and I didn't expect much from him.
    based on this season only, i see where you're coming from - had it been based on his overall time at charlton though.......
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  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]Mac SickNote---- Just take the money and naff off
    ooo sorry he has

    How can you blame him for Parky being too stupid to pick him?
  • [cite]Posted By: JT[/cite]Pretty much agree GH.

    I think Reid has been the best loanee since the Prem.

    I would go as far as saying Reid is the best out & out winger I have seen play for charlton in years. Better than Thomas, Better than Rommedahl, Better than Sam.
  • Best performances or most ability? Because Thomas is currently doing well for West Brom, surely a very good Championship player, Reid's not shown he's at that level yet.

    Still want to see how Reid does over a longer period, Sheff Utd gave him a contract but he made no impact there. Thomas had a great start to us before he stopped pushing on and if anything got worse as a player, put less effort in and that effected his game.

    Sam perhaps has become more of a wide midfielder than a winger, tries to make sure he does enough defending, gets crosses in rather than trying to get past defenders and get in the box. I can't imagine him playing in a 4-3-3 as a right winger pushed right up the pitch to play more as a right forward. Reid could probably do that though.
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