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Welcome !

Having been mentioned in last night's bulletin, a considerable number of new visitors have been checking out the site. We hope you like what you see and continue to return. Charlton Life was launched for the start of this season, it is a community-based website aimed at celebrating all things Charlton. The blog contains a whole variety of articles, comedy and serious, so check out some of the previous months entries. A weekly column from the Supporters Director is also featured.

The Forum is for everyone. It is a melting pot of randomness and in-depth Charlton talk, from the ridiculous to the serious. It is a wind-up free zone, all we ask is you show respect to your fellow members. Join today, the sign up process is straightforward.

The gallery contains a host of Charlton related pictures, check out Steve Bridge's collection from over the years. More pictures are added all the time.

During the coming months, a host of new features will be added to the site.


  • what is a phantom user?
  • think lookout has just changed the word from 'guest'.

    got too much time on his hands that boy...
  • I never touched nothing... in fact, I couldn't get on the internet all day yesterday! I'm back now.

    I actually forget what a phantom user might come back to me.
  • edited October 2006
    how many new registered users since the ad in the bulletin - number of new visitors?
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