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Had to remove.........apparently my friend might get into trouble..........Where in the world. PC World!!!!!!!!!!


  • Laughable. Whilst I, personally, find the song unfunny, tasteless and a bit sad - how on Earth could this possibly be put into force?
  • how long since we played Ipswich?

    Id have a good guess at who the fan was but do the Police usually leak letters of complaint from the public?
  • Sums up football nowadays.

    Just look at that embarrassing crowd at Wembley last night.
  • edited May 2010
    Might have been Norwich......... not Ipswich, I got the area right though!!!

    It wasn't leaked.............It was a friend telling another friend about a ridiculous letter he got at work.
  • i'll be in Portugal for the 1st & 2nd england matches , looking forward to a good old ruck, chairs down the street, beers flowing, flying the flag of St George, mooning TV cameras, abusing the locals, non of them Wembley weds night types with us,, etc etc etc etc ,,, let alone silly songs ,,, ;-) lol
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Sparrows Lane Lion[/cite]Sums up football nowadays.

    Just look at that embarrassing crowd at Wembley last night.[/quote]

    Make you right
  • De que estas hablando, Willis?
  • So South London would be offensive as it mentions Tits, so would be deemed Sexist.

    Oh East London Racist

    Oh Andy Hunt mentions females parts sexist and offensive
    Ref is a wonker offensive

    Blah Blah Blah

    Get a life who ever sent the letter or go watch tennis
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