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Only In Britain

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What is wrong with people i give up


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    I'm more shocked at the sexism
    [cite]Posted By: Rupert Murdoch[/cite]The set, which costs £25 and is suitable for toddlers aged 18 months, also includes a farmer on a tractor, a farmer’s wife and a farmhouse.

  • I'm surprised the farmer and his wife were not removed so as to not offend any gay farmers out there. The world's going mad.
  • When your child asks where the pig has gone- you can say to the abattoir. Maybe ELC could sell an abbattoir set as an add on.
  • Clearly the point of this so called "toy" is to socially condition children into believing that the working classes are small, easy to handle and have no choke hazzards.
  • Seriously though - can't see it is a big deal. The reason ELC removed the pig was that they thought they might be missing out on some customers - it was a commercial decision. If they had been ordered to remove the pig- that would have been a different matter.
  • [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]I'm surprised the farmer and his wife were not removed so as to not offend any gay farmers out there. The world's going mad.

    But why isn't it 'the farmer and her husband'??? :-)
  • Can someone ban NetMums?
  • The pig is BACK! never give up on old blighty LB.
  • [cite]Posted By: bloodnut[/cite]The pig is BACK! never give up on old blighty LB.

    What a load of bollocks some stupid 20 something product manager has been all PC, some one in ELC should have had the common sense to leave things be and told him / her not to be so bloody stupid.
  • has the farmers wife got a Burka on though?
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  • Maybe the abbattoir idea has some legs (including a variety of lovable farm animals to slaughter)- I'll write to ELC. They could have seperate Halal and kosher abbatoir playsets too where you can replace the pig with the relevant priest.
  • This is ridiculous, the way some morons interpret 'not giving offence' is just beyond belief.

    Having said that was the farmer wearing a poppy?
  • Seriously i'm gutted - my son had that set when he was younger and we still have it in the loft. Now that ELC have relented, it's doubtful i'm going to get a good price for the pigs on teh balck market - sorry - e-bay.
  • This is sow over the top.

    FFS, it's a kids toy with a plastic pig in it.

    Unless the pig is oinking "We hate Muslims and/or Jews" to the tune of "We hate Palace" every time you press a button, there is no problem. Agree with Kap10.

    I'm hungry now. Bacon and pork sarnie with a side of crackling methinks.
  • At least the clichéd ‘political correctness gone mad’ has been changed to ‘political correctness gone loopy’. I like her style changing it up and keeping it fresh.

    Personally I say “Bring back the Burch”!
  • Same shit different day.

    Some wooly headed 'right-on' arsewit takes offence on behalf of those who aren't remotely bothered (and get blamed in the resultant shitstorm). Muslims and Jews never complain about this kind of crap; they simply are not's only the kind of people who work as diversity and equality officers that give a shit, and such people generally have the IQ of a small pebble. Ours is so thick and patronising it's a miracle she can tie her own bloody shoelaces, yet it is compulsory by law that I listen to her witless bleatings for 2 hours every 2 years. What a f**king great idea that law was.....
  • LOL @ this thread. LOL even more at the "It's political correctness gone mad the world's gone crazy all these bloody muslims are taking over can't sing baa baa black sheep they're trying to ban christmas stop the peedofiles the council's banned people from wearing crosses parking fines are going up richard littlejohn is my hero" bullshit on the comments section under the 'story'.
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    I take issue with the "only in Britain" title of the thread.

    ELC is an international company and if you read the story carefully, it's obvious that the pig was removed INTERNATIONALLY not just in Britain.

    As it happens, I used to work the company that ran the franchises for ELC in the Middle East. These are increasingly important markets for companies like the ELC (and Mothercare which we also ran) as there's a lot of disposable income, people like to spend money on their kids, and there's little competition from supermarkets offering knock down priced toys.

    So a company removed a pig from a toy set to ensure that there was a standardised product which would appeal globally. A purely commercial decision reflecting that fact we live in a globalised world. As far as I can tell it has noting to do with political correctness, and nothing to do with Britain really.

    Shame on Sky for even running it as a story.
  • Do farmers in the Middle East keep sheep and wear such heavy, warm clothing? :-)
  • Shame on you SaoPaulo for raining on the boaring Daily Mailesque parade.
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  • How it should have happened.

    Customer: ''Er, hello I would like to buy that farm set over there please''.
    Sales assistant: ''Yes no problem, would you like a look in the box?''
    Customer: ''Oh, yes please''.
    Sales assistant: opens box and shows contents to customer.
    Customer: ''Oh no, oh no! there, there is a pig in this farm set, that totally offends my delicate nature and my religious beliefs. GET IT OUT!''
    Sales assistant: ''Ok, no problem. I'll remove it and put it in this other farm set box.''
    Customer: ''And then what will you do with it?''
    Sales assistant: ''Oh, it's no problem, I'll sell it to someone who is tolerent of other peoples beliefs and who feels that they don't have the right to try and impose what they don't find acceptable on everyone else, would you like it wrapped sir?''
  • Only in Britain would this be the front page story in its biggest "newspaper".
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Jints[/cite]Only in Britain would this be the front page story in its biggest "newspaper".[/quote]Exactly.
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