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Whilst under the influence of alcohol last Sunday evening whilst my wife was out, I was persuaded by the kids to take them to see JLS at the Wembley Arena on 23rd December.Does anyone know whether the big wembley car parks are open at night for arena gigs and have any idea of the cost of parking. Amazing what happens when Charlton have a good win on a saturday.


  • You want to be sober in Wembley and for JLS?
  • 'persuaded by the kids'

    ...o.k mate...;o)
  • Best bet is to get the train. There are car parks available at night gigs but the traffic when i came out of the Prodigy gig last year was mad!
  • everbody in love go put your hands up
  • v good mate
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  • Seriously though about the train but if you dont hit connections it can take a eternity to get home.

  • is this the stadium car park seems like a company offering parking near wembley not at the place itself though ?

    This is the Stadium parking!!
    But bearing in mind the prices the greedy B******* charge for for beer and grub, it will proberly be 30 quid to park the car.
  • I would drive to a stop on the Jubilee line and park for free. North greenwich is a bit far i assume? mind you got to use car park and then get tube tickets, amount to the same.
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  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]everbody in love go put your hands up

  • what's Jay Lloyd Samuel doing at Wembley Arena?
  • I cant believe you are going, didn't know you were such a fan. Do you want a JLS doll for christmas if so which one?
  • nope ive got my hoodie instead
  • If you are Kent based, the High Speed to St Pancras then Met line is a good option.
  • jlsdolls1285770347.jpg

    Come on NSS whats your fave
  • feckin hell Al you got the JLS mirror as well !!!!!!!!!!
  • Until last summer I would never have considered going to Wembley on anything other than public transport. However mate of mine came with us to watch Oasis at the the stadium last yearand suggested driving as that what he has always done. Personally I thought he was nuts so me and the other half went on the train and agreed to meet him over there and would take a lift back.

    He ended up parking in a pub less than 5 minutes walk from the stadium. The pub although in a residential area was massive with a huge car park. The price of parking was £15 but the pub was excellant and allowed us to have a couple of beers after the gig to allow the roads to slightly clear and then we had a simple journey home.

    i'm no good at posting links so type in the green man wembley into google and give them a call to see if this is any help to you.
  • cheers johnny
  • Park at North Greenwich for £8 and get the tube direct to Wembley takes 40 Mins
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  • [cite]Posted By: fatrob[/cite]Park at North Greenwich for £8 and get the tube direct to Wembley takes 40 Mins

    This has been my preferred option in the past...
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