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was it worth it, did you enjoy it, would you do it again

asked mrs ltgtr when we got back from gatwick...yes i says, apart from the result i had a great day out...the organisation was top notch, the support second to none...i cant recall it ever being that constant and noisy at the same time, starting before the game and continuing until after times i thought it was bedlam with one song or chant starting before the other had finished...a tough result but i suspect we all knew it would go to the wire...


  • Was great to meet up with so many of my mates all travelling to the same game - just like back in the day.

    Well done to everyone at the club for sorting it all out. Everyone did their bit - it's just a shame that the players didn't bother to turn up.
  • It was fantastic to walk down the road to the ground with coach after coach parked up and thousands of fans enjoying the day out. It was a great day spoiled only by 90 minutes of football...:-).
  • So, everyone up for Liverpool?

    I'm in!
  • Have done it before and will do it again. At least next season most of the games will be Saturday 3.00pm kick offs.

    Yep, I'll be at Anfield.
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