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New Fans Perspective

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Just want to put another perspective across about perceived plastic fans. I have had a season ticket for 3 years now. I grew up in North Kent and used to go to the Valley regularly in the 1970's as a kid with my dad. Have to say that when we moved to Selhurst only went a handful of times and as the years went on I played on Saturdays and then worked abroad for a while I lost touch. Moved back to the area 4 years ago and probably got a season ticket if I'm honest to see Premier league football.

But the magic of Charlton has me smitten, I have become consumed with "my team". I even blew out an important works Christmas event to attend the Wycombe game (good move there then!). I also was one of the plastics that went on Saturday.

Guess what I'm trying to say is although there will be "fans" that don't renew and only wanted to watch Arsenal play, and still do, there will also be many fans that have been bitten by the bug of Charlton and will support them through good and bad, which is surely for the good of the club. I'll be there next year, and the next, wherever that takes us, and as soon as my kids are old enough they'll be there with me, they don't stand a chance!

Come on you reds, let's stuff Spurs, can't take anymore of this abuse at work!


  • Nice post mate.

    I hope we've picked up a few more fans like you along the way (though I must admit I don't mind a few more empty seats if we lose some of those who are fans of the Premiership rather than Charlton next season).
  • Great post Nug!
  • Nice stuff Nug, you won't be alone.

    Though away fans at the Valley may fall, our home support i'm convinced will not drift off that much, even if some people don't renew they will be there regularly. There is also a case if you want to be optimistic that if we had a good season, the amount of home support may actually RISE, due to extra seats in the South.

    We're still having these conversations two weeks early though....
  • I agree it's still too early, look at West brom 2 season ago, they were the last ones that were supposed to get out of it, weren't Norwich the favourites to stay up? And then got hammered 6-0 at Fulham! I'd like to see ZZ up front against Spurs though, from my view on Saturday his movement and ability to find space was excellent, Marcus Bent worked quite hard and held the ball up ok but it didn't seem to go anywhere and he ain't exactly hot in front of goal at the moment.
  • Good post Nug, I can see where you're coming from...

    I spent my yoof going to Spuds with my mates. I think it's mainly cos my dad wasn't into football at all and never took us. Having been born in Crayford and moved to Welling at the age of 6, if he had it would've been CAFC, no doubt.

    15 years back my late father in law and I would take my nephew on kids-for-a-quid days and it was then that the seed was sown. It was the cup game with Spuds a few years back, when I sat alongside another couple of spuds fan from work in the firm's coporate seats that 'it' was then I realised I was watching the team I wish I'd supported all my life...and they weren't playing white, in fact I walked out that night despising Spurs and everything they stood for.

    The transformation was complete when we took my then 6 year old son to his first game - the Walsall cup defeat - and he was as hooked as me. Now it looks like all we'll experience relegation for the first time, I've just renewed our seats for the fifth time - along with my daughter's for the second time.

    So, gutted as I am to have missed out on all the that has gone before, it's as if things have always been red and white and I'm proud that my legacy is two CAFC fans for life!

    See, you can be new without being plastic!
  • "See, you can be new without being plastic!"

    Guess that was what I was trying to say, well put!
  • Of course some people will drift away, but a lot of people will come along because it'll probably be easier to get tickets on the day - I didn't start going regularly until the beginning of 1999/2000 and got the bug from there.

    Ticket prices will have a bearing on it, I imagine.
  • Great post Nug. Come what may, it'll all be fine.
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