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So who is still going to Anfield?

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Me and the two young Chirps are. Got our tickets last week.
May try a different mode of transport this time. It's West Ham on the M6 again.
I didn't see any trouble at any service stations. Was some very good humoured banter as we passed their coaches on the motorway and vice versa. May have been a bit livelier on coach 21!


  • I'm still going.
  • bumping in to other teams fans at service stations is normally a pretty enjoyable experience. The type that travel by coach and cars are normally the opposite of those who are looking for trouble. I had some decent chats with Leeds and Southampton fans, and its always quite ironic seeing a service station taking over by a herd of Colchester, or Aldershot etc.
  • All aboard the Ketman fun bus?
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    I shall be on a beach in Sardinia.
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    Had a nice chat with a Blackburn fan over my picnic by the duck pond. He agreed to let us win if we beat Spurs.

    Bloody lying northern git. I've a good mind to welch on him too!
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    Sadly not, due to youth football commitments, but if you are, don't forget to take one of these

    Chicken Mourners
  • My Uncle is getting our tickets today.

    I hope people do fancy this as if we sell the 2000 quickly we will get another 1000. I dont know when the club has to decide but IF we beat Spurs and have a chance on the final day a lot of people may miss out.

    Whatever happens, a day out at Anfield is not to be missed and IF we were to do something special and secure our Prem Status there it would arguably be every bit as good as Wembley 98.
  • yeah i'm definitely going, any word on when the tickets move down to season ticket holders?
  • [cite]Posted By: Stone[/cite]I shall be on a beech in Sardinia.

    Sounds a bit uncomfortable that. I'd sit on a beach if I were you ;)
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Valley_McMoist[/cite][quote][cite]Posted By: Stone[/cite]I shall be on a beech in Sardinia.[/quote]

    Sounds a bit uncomfortable that. I'd sit on a beach if I were you ;)[/quote]

    smelling never was my strong piont
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