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Radio 5 Live Thursday Schedules

Hello Fellow Addicks, here's an irritation that gets under my skin - is anyone else naffed off with Radio 5 Lives Thursday Night out put - as a 48 year old I suppose I'm their target demographic and I CAN'T STAND IT!!

I wrote to them:
Dear 5 Live,

As one of your committed listeners and presumably your target demographic, can I please complain about your Thursday night schedule. It is invariably the dullest night of the week. I mean 'Live From Liverpool' with Eleanor Oldroyd talking about the wretched Olympic Games and its impact on Liverpool? COME ON! She's ineffectively dull and the subject matter is just boring - where's the discussion about the Champions League?

If it's not that, it's 'Road to 2012' (DULL) 'How did you get to be an athlete?' 'Well I ran some and then ran some more' etc or Sebastian bloody Coe...pinch me. Only marginally better is 5 Live Boxing and whether Mani Paciow is going to punch the Glitchcoe Brothers or Rugby Schmugby with Matt smegging Dawson.

Where is the Champions League?

Oh yes, it's on Talk Sport with Matty Holland. Excuse me while I retune my radio!

Kindest Regards

Sorry - Had to get it off my chest.


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