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I am in Dublin from 15th to 26th any recommendations for pubs and eateries?  Stuff to do, although I only have one day off?


  • mussels in bruxelles! sit at the bar. its brill!
  • Take plenty of money, you'll need it.

    Great place though.


  • Been there a couple of times Kap10 too inibriated to remember specific establishments but take a stroll down Temple bar in the evening and you'll be spoilt for choice and I know this sounds corny but if you like you're history the open top bus tour is a must. The Guiness there its the proper stuff brewed from the Liffey. Enjoy!
  • Best pub for a Guinness is The Dame Tavern, on the corner of Dame Street. Brilliant boozer.

    Make sure you have brunch/breakfast here:


  • Pub:McDaids just off Grafton Street,

    Food:  Gallagher's Boxty House, Temple Bar

  • House hunting?

    I hear it's a buyers market out there at the moment.

  • Lol, wish i had the money to do so!!
  • Been to Dublin. Didn't think it was all that to be honest. Don't know what all the fuss about Temple Bar is either. Nice feel to the place overall, but not exactly the prettiest city to look around. Went on the sightseeing bus tour when I was there and I can't for the life of me remember one thing of interest in terms of "sights".
  • Off It Didnt you reckon, the half penny bridge, gunuiss factory, the big park where the pope delivered a speach where they took the gates off and put them in a safe place but being irish (according to the guide who was Irish) it was too safe and they couldnt find em! (apparently), Oscar Wilde's statue and the story of Molly Malone fornicating with him. Oh well each to their own.

  • Don't walk on the half penny bridge in november. Christ, so cold nearly froze on it. 
    Temple Bar was naff, like being in O'Neills in Blackheath. 

    did the bus tour, loved it, remember oscar wilde statue and Molly Malone statue with her cart. 

    We visited Guiness Museum, if you have time to go to Kilmainham Gaol and also see the Book of Kells in Trinity College?

    We went to a fabulous Art Deco bar - apparently the BEST pint of Guinness is available in there. I wouldn't know - I had a vodka but Les said it was good. We also went to a great bar, where upstairs they had trad music. It was brilliant so try to see some of that.  
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    spent most of our time at cafe en seine , temple bar is shite. dobbins restaurant in some back street was good grub but a little pricey. preferred it around ballsbridge area than the centre
  • Deadred, I liked it and as I say it had a "nice feel" to it.

    But the Guiness factory is just that - a factory - and the big park where the pope delivered his speech is just a big park with a giant cross in it. Yeah, the Molly Malone statue is fun and the Liffey isn't the worst of rivers, but I was a bit underwhelmed if I'm honest. Maybe I was expecting too much, but I'd heard so many people go on about it - and Temple Bar in particular - but as Suzi says it was a bit "naff" and I opted for doing my boozing slightly off the beaten track in a cracking local I found. 

    People are generally nice though but compared to somewhere like Prague, Stockholm, Vienna or - the daddy of them all, London - it didn't really register for me. Reminds me a bit of how I feel about Copenhagen - a brewery and a poxy mermaid, but not overly impressed.

  • Been there several times, even went to an Irish Charlton supporters meeting once.

    Reminds me of Manchester or Liverpool but quieter, found a couple of decent enough pubs though.

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    In between all that Guinness, 'the joy of cha' in the temple bar area for cosy tea and cake and brilliant chai if you like your tea spicy. The gallery of photography again in Temple Bar is worth a saunter around if you like your art. A trip out to Newgrange and the hill of tara , would be a good daytrip if the weather is good and your free day is midweek.
  • Slattery's, Capel Street;  Very friendly, great food, big portions.  Pest pub in town, no doubts.  I'd avoid Temple Bar unless you are absolutely minted.

    The city bus tours are fun - drivers are very funny.  
  • Hi Kap.

     Top of the morning to ya.

     Been living in Dublin for 19 years now so know it inside out.
     What you looking for? Spit and sawdust, Posh Nosh, Diddly I (Trad Music) or banging clubs. We got the lot.

     Tell me what you're looking for and i'll give you a big list of where to go and moreover where not to.



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    Hi Skid/ carl very spit and saw dust!  And maybe a one off trip for Diddly Please, thanks to all for their advice.

    Going to try and take in Wales v Scotland on the 25th and I hear there is a shamrock rovers game too.

    Carl if you prefer then [email protected]
  • Hi Kap.


     Up to my ears in work so will do bits during the


     Rovers are at home on 20th at 8pm or away in Bray
    on the 26th @ 7.45. Waiting for a mate who is a Rovers Ultra (that always makes
    me laugh) to get back to me on these games. Tickets should not be a problem at
    the gate. Home stadium is a pain in the arse to get to so i can give you a lift
    if you want.


    If you're out drinking i can recommend the
    following real pubs. All central.


    Grogans - good atmosphere, loads of regular
    characters, great toasties and seats for smoking outside good fro watching the
    world go by.


    The Long Hall - Great character, very old pub, good


    The Stags Head - 3 floors, bit younger


    Brogans - True spit and sawdust, very mixed crowd
    of hoodies and suits.


    Nearys - 2 floors, very comfortable, used by all
    the theatre workers.


    Batchelor Inn - In there for the first time last
    weekend, decent pub with 3D football.


    Sinnots - Good bar food and huge screens showing
    different matches.


    Dawson lounge - In a basement, smallest pub in
    Ireland, great pint.


    The Ha'penny bridge - Real pub with the best
    Landlord in Dublin (if you can understand him) with comedy club


    You will get a decent Trad music session most
    nights in The Brazen Head which also does decent food.


    You can find all these pubs on an interactive map
    at this website -



    Mate just got back re Rovers. You are welcome to
    join the lads who are getting the supporters bus for the home game at The Barge
    pub at 6.20.


    Most Dubliners stay away from Temple Bar, it has a
    bit of character but is full of tourists and is a total rip off. This is why
    people think Ireland is so expensive.




    Loads of good restaurants aroung Grogans

     Dublin is split N and S by the river with most
    happening on the S side. N side though has China / Korea town at the top of
    O'Connel st to the right. Most only been here for the last 10 years so still
    very authentic. Best curry is in Jaipur on Georges st opposite The Long


    Things to do.


    I've taken a few people around the Guinness factory
    and reckon its a good experience.


    Go take a tour of Kilmainham Jail if you fancy a
    bit of guilt about English history.


    Trinity College has the Long Library and the book
    of Kells which is very cultural but bores the hell out of me.


    All museums are south side near Merrion Square and
    are all free.


    Jameson Whiskey Distillery on the North side. Never
    been myself so pot luck.


    There is a hop on hop off bus that the ticket lasts
    all day which i am told is good value and will take you past Guinness,
    Kilmainham and all the decent sightseeing spots.


    If you need bailing out or a hand with anything you
    can give me a bell on 00353 863828591.








  • Just to point out.

    Her Maj the queen is coming this weekend so Dublin is going into a bit of lockdown mode. Will be a bit disruptive with parking banned in the city centre, some roads closed and we are told random searches of civilians. This might be a good thing as the roads will be quiet but if you are working and have to get around expect longer journey times.

    Come on the Addicks...
  • Damn Skid you have just outed me ... yes I am Prince Philip!!!

    Thanks for all your info, I have got your number and will drop you a line re Shamrock Rovers .. closer to the day.
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  • Frankie's - owned by Marco Pierre White is a good one to eat at night, there's also a Hard Rock Cafe and as mentioned by @falconwood_1 Elephant and Castle is a must for breakfast/brunch/lunch.

    Make sure you get out of the city centre too - I would recommend Howth, which is a great little harbor town where you can some lovely fresh sea food from the restaurants and tapas bars there.

    Guinness storehouse is worth a bit of time too. 15 Euro's each to go on the tour and work your way up the building where a free pint is waiting for you!

    Other than that, stick to Temple Bar and you can't go wrong.
  • To everybody thanks.

    this is what being a member o the Charlton community is all about, even if I do not follow all the tips - most,it is all recorded for future trips too.
  • you will need to take a lot of money! went last weekend - everything is astronomical. cheapest pint we could get all weekend was 4.90 and a gin and tonic and a large vodka and lemonade was 17.80 euros. There is a resident band in a pub called turks head - one of the best pub bands i've ever seen and a superb kebab eatery opposite to round the night off (made with naan bread). Unsurprisingly very quiet - people simply cannot afford it. No wonder the countrys in so much shite. Have a goodun!
  • Jeeeez...i thought we were signing Dion.
  • Keith, see my comment re drinking around Temple Bar above. I don't pay more than 3.40 for a pint.
    Right about Kebab shop (Zeytoon). Best in Ireland. Both gaffs you mention on Parliament Street on the edge of Temple bar. Be careful of the pub 2 doors up (The Front Lounge) unless you are a muff dodger.
    And you're right. We are in a huge vat of shite over here.
    Hell in a hancart i tells ya.

  • Went over for the Bray friendly couple of seasons back.

    I recommend a re-mortgage before departure.

    One of the most expensive beer sessions I have ever had. Bottle of Magners and a Vodka and Redbull was 22 euros in one place.
  • Reading all the posts about people paying silly prices is moving me to act.
    An open invitation to anyone coming over to Dublin, drop me a line and i will personally take you out to places that don't rip you off. I know it goes on but if i show you the real cost of things then when someone tries to charge you 22 Euros for a Bottle of Magners and a Vodka and Redbull or 4.90 for a pint you can tell em to stick it where the sun don't shine and let them know they're making shite of Dublins reputation.
  • That 22 euros charge was in Mary Mallones in Bray! Mind you it was 2am so perhaps they saw me coming.
  • St Michan's church is worth a visit.  They've got these weird mummified bodies in the crypt.
  • Thanks all especially Skid, hopefully will get to meet Skid @shamrock rovers on Friday.  Flying out in the morning
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