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Problems with iPhone and iPod

I know there was a 'sticky' thread about the new site but it seems to have gone.

I though I'd mention that I'm having trouble adding comments, and especially editing them with the iPhone and the iPad.

It is also causing Safari to close down and making the whole thing freeze. This is happening on both the iPhone and the iPad.

If it makes any difference I have the iPhone4 and the original iPad.


  • Never had Safari close down on me, but sometimes the site freezes for a few seconds. Also have to click the comments box a couple of times before it registers that I'm typing in it.

    I'm using a 3GS with iOS 4.3.2 btw
  • Me Too...Exactly the same thing happens
  • Same problem on iPhone 3GS and iPad 2
  • The cause of the issue, is the "Show Source" button at the very end of the comments format bar. Click on that until it lets you add your comments. I'm looking to sort this asap.
  • Can you view the site on the iPhone 4 the same way you view it on a normal PC?
  • If an iPod is owned by a policeman is it called an iPlod?
  • Safari also freezing when rotating the iPhone to view the site in landscape view as oppose to normal view.
  • Still freezing when I try to use the site from my iPad.

    It doesn't seem to matter if I press the little icon or not or either of the tabs above.

    I also can't use any of the formatting options either.
  • What I've found is when I try to post, the iPhone freezes. If I leave it for a few seconds, it rectifies itself.
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  • Unable to copy & paste into a thread.
  • have you updated the system software on the iPhone?
  • keeps freezing for me to.
  • I have the latest software on both. Interestingly the iPad doesn't seem to use the same 'mobile' site as the iPhone. However, they are both so annoying to post with that unless I'm on my PC I don't bother to try to post now, I just have a quick read and move on.

    I would put this problem at the top of my list of requests changes/updates as I rarely use the PC for Charlton Life.

  • It's certainly not a one click process on the iPad 2
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