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Looks like some of my company's departments are going to be off shored. Just wondering how many UK firms are going down this route. Maybe my job will probably go. Should everybody be worried about this other than the fat cat owners. I think I will get my heavy good vehicle licence any one done this how much for lessons test fees etc....


  • if they are letting you go - hold on - sign on and get the gvoernment to pay for it -
  • It annoys the hell out of me when companies do it, I think the government should make it harder for companies to do it. One of the reasons we ruled out a prospective software supplier recently was because they had offshored all of the development work.
  • "I think I will get my heavy good vehicle licence any one done this how much for lessons test fees etc...."

    Waste of time - our East European friends are now making in push into this area having saturated the building sites. Apparently they can never find their way anywhere but the labour is so cheap, employees can't resist the lure.............
  • I used to work for in the corporate HQ of ICL (International Computers Ltd) in the early nineties and they started moving some of their customer services centres to India even in those days. I thought it was a bad move then.

    I have some contact with some key players in Norwich Union Direct and I am told that they are pulling quite a lot of their offshore call centre functions back on shore because of customer disatisfaction. Quelle surprise?

    If they are looking closer afield to cheaper parts of Europe there is very little our government can do about it if it's within the EU.
  • Departments accounts and credit are going to the Phillapines. The bosses had dinner with the British Ambassador and the firm who is going to provide the service. grrrrr i love our government looking out for their people.
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