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kyel reid....

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sorry couldnt find his old thread!!! but anyway he scored for barnsley at scunthorpe win that 5-0 win today!!


  • I have got a feeling letting him go will haunt us
  • our left side is strong. too inconsistent and injury prone.
  • On his day though dont think there is any better left sided player in this league.
  • Agree but his day didn't happen often enough for whatever reason.

    Was very nice to my son when he was mascot so wish him well.
  • Thing is, he's very much a luxury player in the David Ginola mould and offers nothing defensively. Much better off with Jacko IMO.
  • I think he was the best thing to happen for a while when he first started to play(usually as a sub). He just engendered excitement and amongst the dross around him up front he got us all going as he was the only one to take on the defence in an exciting way and he often would pass them and get a cross in to good effect and have a go himself . But his fitness in my mind was always in question. He was often out of breath . But all the same I am grateful that when things were dire he did perk things up and got me off my seat . He is exciting to watch but failed to match the expectation we all had of him. He seemed a genuinely nice bloke too.
  • never settled at the valley, was never trusted by either manager and when he got the odd game he tried too hard and forgot to pass or to defend. I M O would be better as an 'inside striker' than as a winger. Knows how to score and is very very quick, enough to scare the pants off most central defenders. He'll mature into a decent player. He's back near 'home ground', Barnsley being only a few miles from Sheffield
  • I think the fact he has had so many clubs says that no manager has been totally impressed to want to keep him long term. Did ok for us while on loan, but once signed he rarely showed the skills he undoubtedly has.
  • lincs are you saying sheffield is home for reid?...he's from depford.
  • yes and moved back south from Sheffield, in a recent interview he claims to have 'come home' to yorkshire 
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