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To those who thought Darren Bent was overvalued...

Would you rather have:

Yakubu, and £4m

or Darren Bent ?


  • Erm-

    Tough one that AFKA.

  • dont get it?
  • Yakubu would have been perfect for us. He hasn't scored a goal after February for the past 3 seasons (or some similar stat i read in the paper)
  • [cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite]dont get it?
    yakubu went for £12m bent went for £16 m the difference is £4m
    so one yakubu plus£4m = darren bent (£16m)
    what would you prefer?
  • can he ask a friend ?

  • [cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite]dont get it?

    LOL Dude, sort it out mate !
  • I love MCS he's like Charlton Lifes 'Brian'
  • Where's he gone?
  • i didnt get it either.
  • For the money Spurs paid for Bent'y they could have signed the left back Gareth Bale from Southampton Twice over.
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  • are we after yakubu?
  • yakube who ?
  • so if Darren Bent had of stayed Tottenham would have bought Yakubu and given us £4m?
  • [cite]Posted By: ThreadKiller[/cite]are we after yakubu?
    i think so another one curbs missed out on...he got lucky with darren bent but showed his true judgement with marcus
  • We're buying you tube?

    On a side, slightly hijacked thread way. Did anyone else think that the German national team coach looked a bit like Brian Ferry?
  • [cite]Posted By: T[/cite]We're buying you tube?

    On a side, slightly hijacked thread way. Did anyone else think that the German national team coach looked a bit like Brian Ferry?

    wasn't bryan ferry in the papers recently declaring his admiration for the art of the third reich? hmmm.....
  • Eh? Have the remnants of the third reich just made an offer for Darren Bent which means we get Yakubu? Where does the £4million fit in - is that the agents fee, negotiated by our new Nigerian benefactor?
  • oh man, still lost on me!

    are we buying yakubu then, and did we buy bent for 16 mill!

    Lost, confused and a bit ginger, from SE10
  • We are signing a young lost Ginger 10 Year Old to play up front with Bent now are we FFS...
  • you gotta try and make more sense of your words ketters! i aint got a danny what your ron about!
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  • So, just to recap - Darren Bent has dyed his hair ginger and is now playing for Nigeria. Yakubu is giving Richard Murray £4million in order to become chairman and there are some Germans goose stepping around the Valley car park, trying to set up a burger stall whilst listening to an old Roxy Music LP. Is that right?
  • spot on, columbo!
  • so, everton buy fat crap yak off of boro! for 11 mill!

    I cannot believe they have signed him, he is awfully inconsistant and rubbish.

    stilll dont get the original question tho!
  • What's Columbus got to do with it? Are we looking to relocate to the South Pole now then?
  • LOL! Great thread!
  • The German manager lives near me.
  • Let me get this right. Yakubu has won £11m on the EuroLottery, and is giving Darren Bent £4m to poison Bryan Ferry with a dodgy unlicenced burger, and stab Columbo with an unlicenced pin badge ???
  • [cite]Posted By: BlackForestReds[/cite]The German manager lives near me.

    What, in a cake? So where is the ginger Nigerian in all of this - still counting the £4million he swindled off Brian Ferry's burger van?
  • So Yakult is our new sponsor pledging us £4m, taking over from the bent current lot who owe us £12m?

    I guess the new lot will know more about football culture.

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