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Most defining moment in Charlton history ?

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If you could only give ONE event as the most defining in Charlton history, what would it be ?


  • how about starting the football team ?

    but more likely the original decision to opt for the valley as the ground...
  • Formation in 1905, I guess
  • or praps when robert lee was sold! practically got us back to the valley with that cash!
  • Danny Dichio missing the sitter at Wembley which would have killed the game off
  • lol, bar the formation of course !!!
  • The saving of Charlton in the High Court hours before extinction ?
  • calling the club 'charlton' ?
  • opting to play in red ?
  • the signing of allan simonsen.
  • that boat not coming in
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  • winning the Championship and FA Cup double 2008
  • Re Signing Killer
  • Richard Murray coming on board.
  • Locking Dave Lockwood up in the NE Corner every home game
  • Winning the Leeds play-off . If we'd got relegated at that point, stuck at Selhurst with no hope of a return in sight, I doubt we'd be here today.
  • Winning the Play Off at St Andrews
  • the 'togetherness' of the few fans during the dark days at selhurst.
    if that wasn't there, we may never have returned and could have ended up the MK addicks.
  • Getting back to The Valley
  • I love the fact that there are several more than reasonable suggestions. What a club.
  • My thoughts exactly Sco......!

    But picking one, i think Ali is right,
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  • edited September 2007
    [cite]Posted By: Sco[/cite]I love the fact that there are several more than reasonable suggestions. What a club.

    that was my reason for starting it Sco. There are so many If's in play that its hard to get any real sense of one. In my mind, i'd narrowed it down to two, both started above:

    1. The togetherness / unity of the small band of fans during Selhurst
    2. The arrival of Richard Murray and Martin Simons to drive forward the Valley Return.

    The one real rival to those are the staving off of liquidation in the last minute. But i'm pretty sure that if we had missed that deadline, some form of stay of execution would of been compromised.

    But you could put other very strong cases for The Voice of the Valley, the involvment of Peter Cordwell and Rick at The Mercury, The Valley Party, The VIP scheme, Roger Alwen, the building of the new East Stand, Wembley play-off, St Andrews play-off etc and i'd be interested to hear any supporting cases for those.
  • In that case, getting promoted in 85/86.

    The money we were getting from having 20,000 Man Utd and Liverpool fans in those Selhurst years kept us going.
  • Did you mean Roger Alwen ?
  • The decision to get rid of Steve Gritt and keep Curbs
  • cheers, amended
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]cheers, amended

    You've now got Richard Alwen and Roger Alwen in the list - are they brothers?

    Sort it out man!
  • I'm with Ketman on this. The staving off liquidation thing is without a doubt the most important event in the clubs history over the past 25 years.

    As far as I recall at the time - and I've not heard anything to the contrary since - it was the Sunley deal or nothing, so if that hadn't gone through there probably wouldn't be a club in existence today.

    Sure, if we hadn't won at St Andrews we might not have survived at SP, but you could say the same about IF we hadn't got promoted at SP in the first place, etc. The fact is that we were very nearly a gonna back in 1984. Everything else came after that, so it has to be the defining moment of recent history really and the starting point of where we are today.
  • In most recent times the loss of the spotty one ripped the heart out of our club
  • Signing Clive Mendonca
  • Cory Gibbs joining
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