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Cov v Charlton - Feedback from those at the game

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Look forward to reading your comments guys and girls, my money is on Latimer to post up first :-)


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    Beat you Lats!! I thought we played very, very well without ever really dominating the game. It is becoming very obvious that at this level we will get kicked from pillar to post with no protection at all from the referee. The midfield battle was literally that. ZZ seemed to take an elbow in the face & the Coventry midfield two (Hughes & Doyle) were both nasty pieces of work. Doyle in particular spent the whole game getting into the faces of our players, litrerally, and was obviously spoiling for a fight.

    Sam looked good & took his goal superbly after a great pass from Mills. The back 4 looked good, until Chris Powell f****d up to let Coventry score, even though they came under more & more pressure as the game wore on. Reid, ZZ & Samedo looked a class above the Coventry players but were struggling to cope with the physical side of Coventry's game. Big Chris won a lot of balls in the air but not many of his flick ons fell to Varney, who had a quiet game IMHO. The penalty was as blatant as any you will ever see as Varney was bowled over when advancing on the keeper. The ref just bottled it, as it came so quickly after our goal. Izale also seems to have lost his bottle & now clearly panics when he sees the goal in front of him. How Big Chris missed that header in the last minute to win the game I will never know. He only had to get it on target to score, but put it wide from 6yds!!

    Overall a very good performance, but to win away games in this division we are going to have to win the physical battles, as well as playing the cultured football. At the moment we do lack an enforcer in central midfield. Maybe we could play Mills there & bring Moo2kil back in as RB? Just an idea.
  • Interesting to hear Varney had a quiet game, i know hes been out injured and needs time but havent been that impressed with him if im honest, and i would hate to see him started over Todorov simply on the grounds that he was our big signing over the summer, thats not the way to run a side.Todorov seems to have been left in the cold despite not putting a foot wrong and looking very smart when he played.
  • I think Todorov's problem is that he doesn't have any pace. He's a very clever footballer with a lot of experience but he is never going to win a dash for the ball with a defender. I think that is why Pards is trying Varney & McLeod, because both are young & have pace to burn. Todorov is really a replacement for Big Chris, I think.
  • That's a fair point, a shame tho cos him and Big Chris looked good together against Wednesday.Pardew is obviously bringing McLeod on for pace as you say, when at times its maybe invention that we need.
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    Just got back midfield was far too deep throughout the game and was outbattled. This midfield is good at home not much away from home namely Semedo and ZZ they were hassled today and I think Coventry took advantage of this. Need an enforcer in there away from home. ZZ looks brilliant on the counter attack but hardly made any tackles. Reid was excellant again. Sam took his goal well by a great pass by Mills. Though once again Lloyds final ball is poor. Corners poor again dont look like scoring from them. Chris Powell just stood there waiting for the ball Cov striker took it and scored for their goal.

    Big Chirs had a hard afternoon so did Varney. Varney should of had a penalty as he was bundled over for a clear penalty. This was the only thing Varney done. Izzie was better but finishing poor. Reminds me of Darren Bents movement but not Darrens finishing. Big Chirs really should of given us the points at the end.

    A draw i think was a fair result and a good result as Coventry was as hard as nails like Stoke was. A win or draw against Hull and win against Barnsley and we are well on track. Dowie got abuse I can see how he does well in this league.

    A note on the Ricoh 1. I hope nobody parked behind makros because cars were towed away. 2. Looks good outside but inside I hate the single bowl design. 3. 19K was the gate seemed to be only 15k in there. 4. The bootles of larger is 10p cheaper than those fosters sold at The Valley.

    Next TUesday we have Hull they dont look like a physical side so 442 should be ok I can see why Pards played 451 against Palace away as the mdifeld seems to be weaker away. Maybe Harry Arter is our midfield enforcer ?
  • Half way through the second half when ZZ had taken an elbow in the face, there were arms and pushes which were missed, and reflecting on the absolute nailed on penalty we should have had in the first half, I started to think about how poor the standard of referring has been this season. It seems almost impossible to a get a foul from some of these refs.

    As far as the game went, well having got to within 10 minutes of the end before conceding a sloppy goal, it was disappointing although, to be honest we made several poor defensive errors, particularly by Magic, that we probably didn't deserve to win.

    We bossed large parts of the first half, had to fight hard in the second but still had chances. Mcleod still needs a goal. He does everything right and then fluffs
    his shot. At the end Big Chris dived in for a header and it looked for all the world that he'd scored but in just crept past the post.

    Danny Mills was my MoM. Another barnstorming performance - he has got to be signed permanently quick. He has to be the best right back outside the PL. I watched his positional play. His covering and general awareness was superb and his tackling was excellent.
  • Can't disagree with much of the above - Danny Mills adds so much to our side I'd hate to think what we'd look like without him in it. Thought a point was a fair result, considering the battering we had to withstand in the second half. Whatever you think of Dowie, it showed where he does best - boosting very average players with a siege mentality.

    Izale McLeod needs a bit of confidence, and didn't look like he was getting much support either. We seemed to tire visibly in the final ten minutes, which is worrying considering we've Hull coming up on Tuesday... I left deflated, but a point against that lot's not a bad result.

    Soulless, dismal ground in the arse end of nowhere, though - whoever chose that location needs shooting - cabs or £3 buses back into town afterwards, with a pair of railway tracks just outside the ground begging for some platforms to be put in to clear the crowds. Horrible, horrible place.
  • Thanks for the on the spot reports guys
  • "Your ground's too big for you" - that did make me laugh. If there ws 19,000 there yesterday then The Ricoh must hold 60,000.

    Common sense from Coventry and The Stewards. An exit was opened and cordoned off outside the ground for the smokers. Excellent idea, stopped people smoking in the toilets and allowed the couple of hundred people who wanted a smoke to do so without being labled as criminals.
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  • Just got up! Suffering from HFOS (head full of snot!).
    Thank goodness for Danny Mills who shored up a dodgy back four. Bougherra started well when staring at Weaver he put the ball into the stands to clear thereafter he was like a rabbit in front of headlights. Agree with Pardew that we messed about with the ball too deeply, maybe the midfield balance isn't quite right as there is little out wide left which also leaves Chris Powell exposed. Became quite a feisty affair in the second half with a lot of off the ball challenges which went unpunished.

    Check out the championship this morning 10.50am we are the featured game on ITV
  • Centre backs a pile of shit. Chris Powell, lovely bloke, but past his sell by date.
    Can't grasp how Pardew seemed to try to hold out for a 1-0 with 30 mins remaining. This is a tac tic that Curbishley enforced and regularily faltered. Coventry always loked like scoring as the game progressed, and when they did, Charlton immediatly respond with attacking football.
    The draw was a fair result, but a couple of forwards who could hit a cows arse with a banjo, could have stole it for Charlton.
  • what like the two forwards who scored our goals against leicester you mean
  • I felt we were well on top in the first half. We created chances, scored and were playing some decent football. They had their first shot on 28 mins from long range and their best chance came from Magic leaving a ball for Weaver and their forward nipping in to hit the bar.

    2nd half Cov tried to rough us up but their best chances still came from our mistakes. Magic again and then Powell for the goal. They tried to batter us, brought on Adebola and it worked. It was ugly but it worked but we had the chances to kill them off (Sam, Mcleod and worst of all Iwelumo at the end which HAD to go in) but didn't do it. Varney was constantly offside but had a LOCKED ON FACT DONE DEAL pen ignored. Mcleod stretched them with his pace but badly needs a goal.

    Very frustrating as we were the better team but didn't do enough to win it and allowed a hard working Cov team back in it.

    Star spotting part 1 Jimmy Hill was there

    Star spotting part 2 Guiness Addick was in the Cov directors box

    Star spotting part 3 Jon Gaunt was in the same lounge being an annoying loud mouth ****
  • seems you and Dowie were at different games as he reckons they were the better team, started and ended better than us and should have had all 3 points !

    gutted I missed it - had to go to a Christening in Salisbury.......who gets a baby Christened on a Saturday, I ask you !!

    will be there tuesday though.......LOCKED ON FACT.
  • Thought we could of wrapped it up in the second half with Izzy getting through but being well short on confidence he shanked the chances. Not his fault he just needs one to smack him on the arse/back of the head and go in and I think we'll have a really dangerous player on our hands.

    Atmosphere was good from us, those who wanted to stand went to the back and those who wanted to sit were quite gracious also. Police we're tossers but I could sympathise with them I wouldn't want to hang around that place longer than I had to. Gumbo did a 'windmill' CAFCbourne was monstered and I'm shocked he made it through the day with his eyebrows intact or without being put on a train to Glasgow. Good to meet Rose&Crown, I must say as well that Coventry have the right idea with their ground. Although a bit souless they totally cleaned the concourse at half time immaculately and 15 minutes either side of half time they opened the gates at the back for the smokers as someone previously said.

    Chrissy dropped a bollock for their goal and Magic had a let off Varney didn't get one of the most clear cut penalties I've ever seen, and ZZ received aforearm smash that went totally unpunished (cheers for the sporting behaviour Dowie after that too)

    Just waiting for t'championship to kick off now with Stu and Friend or Defoe and myslef all minging on my sofas!!

    A good day out all in all.
  • Before the game I couldnt give a toss about Dowie. After them not giving the ball back properly I have NO respect for the baffoon.
  • Just watched ITSh*ts coverage of The Championship.

    1. The Ref should be made to give a public apology for failing to give that pen.
    2. Magic made two howlers which could have cost us a point
    3. Weaver made one error when the ball hit his chest but wasn't at fault for anything else that I could see
    4. Sir Chris made a couple of errors one of which led to the goal
    5. Big Chris will wonder for the rest of his career, how he failed to hit the target with that header at the end

    We needed/expected the Ref to counter their physical threat but at this level it seems that Refs are very lax.
  • Would rather have 0-0 draw than 1-1 as sloopy defending has cost us again we MUST start keeping clean sheets away from home.
  • Great day out, cheers for letting me crash at yours Carter.
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  • "The bootles of larger is 10p cheaper than those fosters sold at The Valley."

    And tasted like horse p*ss
  • Still so unconvinced by Fortune and Majid... we need a bit of no nonsense defending in the middle. at least we seemed to have sorted out our set-piece issues from earlier this season.

    Does anyone think McCarthy will get a look in again?
    And what about Moo2 when he is fit again - Mills was MoM against Leicester and Norwich imo.
  • From the TV highlights "Magic" certainly lived up to his nickname, conjouring up two or three opportunities for Cov out of nothing!
  • [cite]Posted By: Friend_Or_Defoe[/cite]Great day out, cheers for letting me crash at yours Carter.

    No worries dude, I think Stu might as well lodge here anyway!! Just remembered the text I got off Medders! Gumbo: - Mission accomplished!
  • Thought we played ok and only ok.

    Coventry were absolutely ripe for the sort of caning that Bristol City gave them a couple of weeks ago.

    Back 5 still dont look like keeping a clean sheet away from home, Mills is trying to hold it together, wouldnt mind seeing him in the middle at some point.

    Midfield played well, total class above most midfields in this division, Reid and Sam were superb.

    Iwelumo should have taken that chance but dread to think what will happen if he gets injured, all our play is linked through him.

    Not convinced about Varney at all to be honest, not sure if he is fully fit but needs to watch the offside. Stonewall pen though.

    Changes to be made for Hull. Bougherra out and either Sodje or Mills in the middle and Moo2 right back if the latter.

    Todorov up front for Varney, bring Varney and or Mcleod on late against tired legs.

    Nice ground and all that but rubbish atmosphere all round. Other than the 100 or so standing at the back I though our support was dreadful considering the numbers we had.

    On the bright side, if we had of kept hold of Dowie we would have to be watching the sublime football that Coventry played. I thought they were the worst side I have seen this season.

    Hey ho, 3 points at Hull and we're back on track.
  • I hated the ground. I don't know what the capacity is, my guess would be around 35,000. It seemed half empty and that had an affect on the atmosphere. I know our board are very reluctant to increase our capacity until we can fill it on a regular basis. On yesterdays evidence, that is a very wise decision.
  • The Ricoh is one of those grounds where once you were inside it, you could be in any of the new grounds in the country apart from the seat colour.

    Also, everything that Charlton fans find cringeworthy was doubly as bad at Coventry - a stadium (not a football) announcer, a man on the pitch before the game running over to each stand trying to get them to "make some noise" (although I think he was mainly talking to empty blue seats), girls with pom poms doing the least/worst rehearsed routine ever, and goal music!!

    Every time we cringe over "make some noise" coming up on the screen, we should be thankful we aren't watching football in one of these new stadiums made from lego.

    As for the game, all their chances came from defensive errors. We looked comfortable until Bougherra and Weaver didn't talk for the shot that hit the post. After that we looked wobbly at the back, but they didn't carve out any chances, we just gave them to Mifsud, who looked like their one dangerous player.

    McLeod looks badly short of confidence, and Varney seems to always be running the wrong way onto flicks, or he's offside. Hopefully things will start running his way soon.

    Mills was brilliant, Sam looks like a superb player until his final ball and ZZ looked dangerous when breaking. Reid was the same player we've come to expect recently.

    One thing we do need to sort out is attacking corners. I can't remember many over the last few games that have got past the first man.
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    Oh there's been a fair few that got past the first man, it's just that they went whizzing past everybody else as well.
  • The capacity is apparently 32,500. 58% full. Addicks fans below:
  • For those who were on the train and met my mate Scott, I'm trying to get him to sign up under the name 'Clingfilm'.

    And Gumbo, well done son. Fat chicks need lovin' too eh!!
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