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100 people/things that will lose out because of England's crapiness

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Obviously the fans etc but what about looking at the bigger picture:

1.)Algarve's Bar
2.)Little St. George's Cross Flag Makers


  • 4)
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    6. Breweries
    7. Local Kebab Shop
    8. Glaziers, after local chavs have smashed up there town centres whe we are knocked out in the quarter finals
    9. Solictors, People getting nicked for drunk and disorderley
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    12) insurance firms.... after we usually get knocked out in the finals all the herberts causing damage in high streets
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    13) The Fa think it will end up costing them about 10 million
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    14) Plasma Tv Sales
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    15. Me ,I do a lot of personalised Polo shirts for the local boozers,with the 3 lions badge and the pub name.Not next year me thinks.
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    16. Supermarkets
    17. BBQ makers
    18. Tacky shops that sell poorly made St George stuff
  • oh afka we're not a tacky outfit.
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    19. The economy.
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    20. Petrol companies, as the flags people put on their cars increase consumption.
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  • AFKA, can you please renumber everything - cheers. Lets have some order here
  • TT
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    21. The Austrian & Swiss bar owners
    22. Eurostar
    23. Cheap flight companies
  • need to be more European, with all our European cousins flooding our shores, there must be a market there for you, identify the regions in London where all these migrants are located, drive round, find there local bars or restaraunts, give them a call, and then go away to Alaska for a fortnight in July to escape the European champinships, good luck mate, it will work
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    24. the press, WHEN it kicks off over there who will they blame as the English aren't there?
  • yes, as i bet there will be a Panorama undercover special showing how a far right group from London is going to join up with other countries to cause trouble in Austria and Switzerland............
  • looking forward to seeing Turkey v Italy! lol
  • 25. Alan Brazil, Mike Parry and every other media freebie lover who have just missed out on a decent free holiday
    26. Swiss ticket touts
    27. Swiss police (less overtime)
    28. UK police football intelligence officers
    29. Those rip off companies that charge a fortune for packages
    30. Swiss 'ladies of the night'
    31. Record companies - no crap football compilation album
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]
    31. Record companies - no crap football compilation album

    31a. no crap football singles. ie embrace won't be able to release another crap mundane dreary song and link it to the england team.
  • 32. Over the top tabloid headlines and ghost written articles from the players suggesting that we will win the European Championships and that the "mood in the camp is positive".
    33. Over the top headlines when we crash out in the quarter finals against Turkey.
  • 34. The Sun won't stick page 3 birds on an open bus and tit around Trafalgar Square. BOO !!
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  • 34. Poxy, plastic, wanky autobiorgaphies and world cup diaries of abject failure and blame. Cole, Gerrard, Fat Frank?
  • 35. the feel-good atmosphere in old london town next summer (pre-tournament/group stages/quarter finals)
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Al the Addick[/cite]looking forward to seeing Turkey v Italy! lol[/quote]

    Why? neither of the international teams actually take large numbers away from home of normal fans and not many 'ultras'. Will not be any trouble at all out there this summer.
  • 36. The police. Less convictions for drink and football related bad behaviour so the ratio of crimes committed to solved will be worse than it would have been.
  • 37. ITV will lose a shedload of ad money.
  • 38. My girlfriend who won't get her bonus if ITV miss out on a shedload of ad money!
  • What's the betting that ITV pull coverage to show films instead? (Sorry Mossy)
  • They will show stuff on ITV3 and 4, not showing the games at all might put them on a sticky wicket next time there is a big tournament. Murdoch would use it to increase pressure on the government to change the law that forces certain big events to be free to air.
  • 39. Pubs
  • 40. Us fans losing out on more pub time
    41. A tournament England footi song being produced by some obscure guy from Preston or wherever...
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