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Gardening update

Apples the trees are loads
strawberries loads but need some sun
courgettes loads
Pak Cho just started coming through but lots
Mint like a weed
corriander like a weed
Onions doing well
cabbages doing well
Grapes like a trifid
spring onions not to good.

Get off my land !!


  • Charlie Dimmock's nips?..
  • sounding good - got any runners?
  • gona put in some white raddishes.
    Some dwarf cucumers and sweet thai bazil.

    The toms are doing well
  • GH

    i bow to your knowledge due to us just redoing the whole garden NLJR wants to grow some veggies in a pot or similar is there anything he can plant this weekend and see something that can be eaten before winter or have we left it too late?
  • Courgette in a pot. they seem to take an age to see anything grow then they explode.

    Or get him some small tommy plants already in pots. My mum grew spuds in a big pot last year something she hadnt done in 80 years.
  • cheers GH i shall get them the weekend.

    i fecking hate the taste of courgettes but will have to eat them so that he will be happy
  • we planted our tomato plants this weekend NLA, hopefully it will be fine.
  • grow yellow courgettes - they taste nicer - also pick them small for more taste - don't worry they keep on coming. Also you can get various small squashes - yellow again is good - eg pattypan squash.
  • get him to grow some marijuana - at least he can start paying some money to his keep then....

  • I have beans and tomatoes but the snails have just scoffed my lettuce and spinach!!
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  • [cite]Posted By: kimbo[/cite] but the snails have just scoffed my lettuce and spinach!!

    The bastards , did you chase after them ?
  • [cite]Posted By: Shag[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: kimbo[/cite]but the snails have just scoffed my lettuce and spinach!!

    The bastards , did you chase after them ?
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Shag[/cite][quote][cite]Posted By: kimbo[/cite] but the snails have just scoffed my lettuce and spinach!![/quote]

    The bastards , did you chase after them ?[/quote]

    Not exactly but if i catch them i am going to throw the little "sweeties" over the fence hopefully the impact will bash their brains in. My hubbie is a greenie and does not want to use any chemicals in the garden which is great in theory but completly useless in practice. Just spend £20 in guardian ecostore to stop them eating them - slug mats and plastic covers. personally favour the beer/pellet approach and if these do not work that is what is going to happen next year.
  • Kimbo i nuc em bollo* to the greenie thing and humain traps !! FFS they are slugs and snails !!!!
  • Toms and Yellow courgettes it is then what about strawberries have we missed the window of opportunity or what?
  • no they are late this year get plants fron a garden centre
  • Will do GH do you live local to me or Charlton seeing as you are always on the bus to dalston i am never sure.

    if so have you been to crews hill top garden centres up there buddy
  • No mate i live on the right side of the water. They have to pay me alot of dosh to venture into the wilderness of hackney and dalston.
  • brave man i fecking hate hackney let alone dalston
  • edited June 2008

    The corgettes are in the strawberries are hanging the Toms are in i did baby gems and Sweetcorn and peas

    we have been having problems with our neighbour on the right for 10 years with them constantly building onto our border with no gaps left for us so we have to build inside our own land (the boundry we are responsible for), I came home one day to find 3 men in my garden building their garage and my fence removed so they could do the build, i came home to find new double glazed windows with 4 inches of windowsill in my garden and then to make things worse on the said garage the put a 6 ft pole with one feck off great satalite dish for their greek tv and a sky dish all over hanging my garden by several inches.

    so enough was enough this weekend i replaced the fence with 6 inch gravel boards and a new six foot fence we are allowed 7 ft and i then went out and brought a red robin tree and placed it level with the satalite dishes will grow 16ft high with a 5 ft width so nothing to obstructive. i had knocked and asked them to move them a year ago and was treated to no's so in the last year we have been given planning permission to build an extension that has covered one of their windows (that over looked my garden and were not on their deeds for their extension) and this weekend the nosey bstds have been blocked out of my life for good but they went mental this morning big time and called us everything under the sun.

    and do you know what it feels fecking great to sit there in silence and finally have the higher ground

    it has taken all of ten years
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  • Mate two years ago i was drilling this wall in my mums front garden when her neighbor came out and asked me what i thought i was doing drilling into his wall ? as he had built it the year before. So pointed at the line of my mums garage and told him the wall was on her land and i could what the f**k i liked with it thank you very much ! so u got sworn at in Greek and he in Urdu !!!!
    They had a problem with rats once and his Mrs asked my mum what they could do. The Mrs is straight out of a Bollywood movie. I got a CAFC face who is a "pest control chap" to sort it out for em. Now Mum is the best thing since none stick rice. The walls still on mums land though.
  • mate they have drove us mad since we moved in. One of our neighbours said you will get on fine with everyone along our street except them next door and they were spot on.

    our problem was we have had to wait for our bank balance to match our will of revenge and now we have saved hard enough to start the projects that we wanted to do like the extension and garden.

    The fecker even has had the cheek for the lsast 6 years to run his rain water straight from his drain pipes into our garden and we only discovered this when we took the fence down, to resolve this we raised our borders and cemented under the gravel boards and in that last down pour he was moaning that since we have done our garden that his patio keeps flooding.

    well either run a drain like most people or get a water butt and collect the water to do your garden like we have but i spose if you have no plants just bricks whats the point in that.

    when we dug our footings for the extension the builders were cacking it as theres no footings other than 6 inches of concrete holding his brick lean too up and his garage hasnt even got 6 inches of footings we have got more holding our concrete fench posts in than he has got on all his buildings bar his house and inital single storie extension.

    Back to the garden it looks the nutts put NLJR's trampoline with guard up this afternoon bouncing around on the area we had layed for him like a mad man happy english summer days are here and no nosey parker to spoil it
  • PakChoi has gone to seed straight away-- no idea why usually does well.
    Mint had so much the Mrs even usues it at work now.
    Corriander grows like a weed had loads.
    corgettes doing really well
    strawberries had first lote last weekend next lote this week end.
    Apples never seen so many on the trees and the paraqueets sit there eating the tiny ones.
    Toms doing well
    white rabbishes doing well
    cabbages doing well.
    onions doing well
    Beetroots not showing
    spring onions not showing
    Grape vine is a triffid again

    Kidbrookes Hugh FernleyWittingsool me ! was thinking of geting a pig , but wouldnt want Fishnets chasing after it as his latest "would you".
  • following on from these threads i have also started to grow bits for the first time ever ,strong influence from here and the gardens i have seen on the way to the Station in the morning
    Got these on the go
    Spring Onions

    Alsodigging up the back of the garden behind the shed to start a few things going up there as well
  • I have 3 tom plants and only one has produce just 2 toms. Strawberries are being eaten as they grow by the birds and the beans have hardly moved, the broccoli is now under attack from some beasties that dont show there face. I've splattered the ground with slug pellets and coffee grinds and apart from laying land mines the bastards are still spoiling my attempt at the good life. So next year I am going to admit defeat and paved the bloody garden and shop at Sainsbury. Those beasties can go an feast somewhere else Sod all this good life stuff and Fu@k mother nature....rant over!
  • i'm currently in the process of digging up my side garden.

    its a relatively small gardenand there are paving slabs covering the whole garden. Its all uneven and cracked.

    I started to lift up the slabs and dig up the small planting area that was there. Problem is, the feckers have just poured about one and a half foot of concrete down and stuck the slabs on top. There was no drainage so there are big holes underneath the conrete- big enough to fit in! there is also loads and loads of bricks etc in with the planting area!

    going to dig it all up and stick some decking down.
  • Bugger me if this isn't turning into Countryfile...

    Love the comment about Fishnet and the Pigs!!

    So I've got a patch of land - about 3 metres long by a metre wide - what should I grow? Will it sustain a family of 4??
  • a Patio! and a fence or two of course..
  • Corgettes are coming on great big Yellow bstds they should grow into at the min they are tiny but looking good, strawberries taste the bollox, Peas, Carrots, lettuces are coming on strong Toms and Sweetcorn i aint convinced it will work.

    best bit is beer on these hot evenings a newspaper and the birds on the feeders oh to be an english in his garden it is fecking great
  • Thats the point NLA its my own bit of England.Although could be argued the paraqueets , Pak Choi etc aint tradditional. Its my bit of England where i can do and say what i f**king like a before some twat decides to share it out to the great unwashed !

    The strimmer is a great de-stressing tool.As you use it think of who u would like to use it on ! Women have the long soak in the bath i have the strimmer ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .

    Few year back a Northern monkey mate of mine got me a sythe. Two handled one. had to get it from Knightsbrige to Kidbrooke. Strange how i got a seat on the train that day !! Looks i got standing at Charring Cross was great. If only i could have got a long black hoody thing !!!!!!
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