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Leicester City

Put Sky Sports News on this morning and they had an "exclusive" from Leicester announcing Pearson as the next mug.

I remember when they announced Mad Dog and then Holloway.

Is it me or is it a tad boring?


  • Very boring. Bad deal for both parties IMO
  • Don't forget Gary Megson between Mad Dog and Holloway. 4 Managers in less than 12 months. No wonder they got relegated!!!
  • Mr Mandaric is an eccentric short-termist and goes along with the latest fad etc.

    Shame for the club, once again a team on the brink of Europe only a few years ago with MoN and now look.
  • Pearson clearly took being knocked out the CL Managerial Cup quite badly........
  • very very boring
  • Who in their right mind would take the Leicester job under Manderic ? Perhaps he's competing with that bloke at Hearts to see who can get through the most managers.
  • I think Pearson will crash and burn. Lucky to keep Southampton up, I know it was difficult situation when he joined the saints but he wont cut it. Surely Leicester need someone with more experience?
  • Is Kish still registered to them, if so how many managers has he had in the last 24 months
  • Curbishley(just)
    Wise(Leeds Loan)

    Quite a list!
  • was Kish here during the Dowie / Reed / Pards bit ???
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  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]was Kish here during the Dowie / Reed / Pards bit ???

    Yes, Pards loaned him out to Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds.
  • Kish's number of managers must be some sort of record I reckon!
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