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Conservative Club 6th Sept Benefit Night

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Just to let anyone that is allready going to the benefit night or is thinking of going, The England v Andorra game that Kicks off at 7pm will be shown in the Conservative Club. For all those who dont alreay have a ticket you will be able to pay on the door. For people who do have a ticket please make sure you bring it with you. Signed CAFC shirts and Footballs will be the prizes for the raffle. Everyone is welcome so lets have a good turn out for this!


  • Well said.

    I know a few off here are going such as The Organiser, Jim Brannin etc.

    Spread the word as I know a lot of people on here know some of the lads in question. If anyone has got anymore prizes for the raffle can you contact me or SE9

  • Sadly I'm going to be at the game. I hope the night goes well for you. Who did you get to sign the shirt?
  • Good stuff. Hoping to make it up for a few. I hope it's a success!!
  • I cant make it fellas, got a previous engagement that night, hotel etc booked and paid for before the benefit date was set, will buy a ticket though to show support, as others did in my time of need a few years back.
  • who's the benefit for
  • some of our younger lads that are "In The Know"
  • nice one se9. Im trying to sort out a couple more prizes for the raffle, ill send you txt about it later.
  • [cite]Posted By: DA9[/cite]some of our younger lads that are "In The Know"

    I see.
  • DA9 i won't be around before the wolves game on the 13th can you let me know how I can get a ticket,if not can I give someone some money at Wolves game.
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