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Ever had a great escape?

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Had loads and used all my nine lives.

1 of Mine was a bit worrying and disturbing so i'll post it later.


  • Was in intensive care for two weeks after a RTA and nearly lost a leg, as well as a suspected heart attack last eighteen months ago due to work and lifestyle.
  • thats what happens when you watch Charlton mate.Seriously is everything ok now mate?
  • yea cheers mate mind u nearly broke my neck by tripping over the cruise liner broucheres the missus had got whilst I was in hospital she kept thinking of the death in service payout
  • Was working on a building site for my old man when I was 17, was told to put my hard hat on because the h&s officer was on his way round, that second a bracket from the scaffolding fell about 20 feet and brushed my shoulder, 6 inches to my right not too sure i would have been here today, had the shakes for quite a while after that
  • If my Grandad hadn't moved to Catford from Deptford in the 1920's I could have been a Millwall fan. Now I call that a great escape!
  • Having a tracheomety when I was 18 months old. Had stopped breathing and was going blue (not millwall).
  • [cite]Posted By: bingaddick[/cite]If my Grandad hadn't moved to Catford from Deptford in the 1920's I could have been a Millwall fan. Now I call that a great escape!

    Where abouts in Catford were you brought up bing?
  • I was on the train that crashed at Cannon Street, but got off the stop before.

    And a year or so later at London Bridge I missed the IRA bomb by a few minutes.

    Plus I've had an emergency landing - at Frankfurt Airport.
  • 10 years ago i was stabbed 4 times in a fight with 3 yobs who were trying to steal my firms van i was stabbed with a phillips screwdriver once in the head twice in the back either side of my spine and through my ribs into my lung partially collapsed and the police never caught them just call me lucky
  • [cite]Posted By: bingaddick[/cite]If my Grandad hadn't moved to Catford from Deptford in the 1920's I could have been a Millwall fan. Now I call that a great escape!

    Mine's the same.....I was born and raised in the Old Kent Road but forunately moved to Plumstead at the age of 6. I Plumstead was miles away in country and was saddened when I left but then when you weigh things up with being a spanner my parents did the right thing.
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    Its quite catchy. And its got an evil kitten in it. Is Millwall FC run by an evil kitten?

    BTW, lucky escapes:

    1. Needed 2 blood transfusions to keep me alive when born (what a waste of blood, I know)
    2. Nearly drowned on disastrous canoeing trip age 14
    3. Rather perilous encounter with gang of 'steamers' in Lewisham in 1991
    4. Nearly fell of a rock face in the Lake District due to own stupidity. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It wasn't.

    These rather pale into insignificance next to some of those on here though. Respect....
  • after we had played at upton park against millsmall when hendry scored myself eddieaddick and 2 millwall pals and an armchair gooner (moss Barber) was walking back through the woolwich foot tunnel when about 10 mill small herberts decided that we looked fair game for them and i make them right (they were a lot older and bigger than us) started mouthing from behind us and putting a jog on, we wre far enough a head to get the lift and get out of the tunnel and mooch a long the lower road trying to style it out, Then some how from some where they were right behind us with a couple tooled up, i will be the first to admit the call of boys lets get on our toes now came from me and with that eddie addick was infront of me (those that know him need to understand i wasnt 11 stone wet then but he was a lot bigger) we managed to get to the catholic club in woolwich lock the doors whilst they tried to dismantle the fecking things we stayed in there for hours until the coast was well clear.

    i aint afraid to say that running was the better choice of valour that day as we aint talking some mugs here i later saw some of them in the blue boy in bermonsy when i was with a known millwall chap and they let me know we wqould have got it as they thought we were guilty of smashing 2 millwall yoof that day, when i informed them that proberly wouldnt have been a good idea as one of the fellas with us was the millwall old boys (who i was with that day's son) they went well pale and full of apologies funny that
  • Did they think you were wet spam or something?
  • didnt wait to find out tbh was too busy thinking this could go tits very very quickly

    all i did find out was that they reckoned 5 or 6 fellas about our age gave 2 of their yoof a right hiding and they went looking for groups in that size apparently there were wall all over woolwich looking for this the group that did it so we could have got proper ruined the 2 millsmall fans with us couldnt hold their hands up in anger anyhow so it would have been a complete blood bath
  • Motor bike accident.

    Filtering up the outside of a line of traffic in Academy Road SE18. Bloke did a u-turn without indicating. Took me out completely. Never forget the feeling I had as I looked up and saw a 161 bus hurtling towards me.

    Even with broken ribs, collarbone and wrist I still managed to find the strength to roll out of the way.

    Will be forever in debited to Arai helmets. Best £400 I have ever spent. Still got it. The crack in its sens a shiver down my spine everytime I look at it.

    Gave up the bike after my daughter arrived and some c**t in a scip lorry tried to run me off the road.
  • Worked on Bow Quarter (the old Bryant & May factory) when I was a youngster (summer work, mainly labouring, bit of hod carrying). Had just stepped off a scaffold plank (literally gone five paces) when the whole section collapsed behind me, plummeting five storeys down - would have killed me for sure if it had gone when i was on it.

    Landed at Stansted about six years ago coming back from Sicily in a force 8 gale - the plane bounced about six times on the runway, left wing dipped to about two feet off the ground - I was watching out the window and physically screamed when i saw it - thought we were all goners.

    Swallowed a plum stone when I was five - stopped breathing for two minutes and turned purple - in the end my mum took me out onto the landing in the flats we lived in, turned me upside down and bashed the shit out of by back until the stone shot out like a bullet.
  • Fell in my Grandads pond in Eltham when I was 1 or 2 - Lucky to get out without drowning apparently and he filled it in the next week as it scared the family. It took me until I was 11 years old to learn to swim as I shit scared of water and didn't know why as I had no conscious recollection of the incident. The old dear told me a few years back about the experience and now my irrational fear of small amounts of water into perspective.
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    Car crash, I miraculously come out unscathed, everyone else badly injured, one almost fatal.

    Also managed to cut through the cord while trimming my hedge.Luckily had a breaker plugged in.Nearly had a heart attack when I realised I hadnt electrocuted myself.
  • i ended up being knocked to the back door of my house whilst cutting a hedge to feck and i went through the bstd thing hurt like feck and scarede the shite out of me and the missus proper now you see me now you dont moment must have flew all of 4 ft backwards
  • About 4 years old I stuck a screwdriver in the fuse box. All I remember is a big crack, some blue sparks and feeling rather peculiar. Flew for about 6 foot until a wall stopped my flight.
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  • I just missed getting on one of the 7/7 trains. I ran for a train at Baker Street and just missed it, the bomb went off on it before it reached the next station
  • Driving down the A2 with wife and kids when I hit spilt Diesel and spun round and ended up facing the wrong way. By sheer chance there was no cars close enough to hit us. Still shit myself and had to gather myself qiuckly so I could turn the car round!
  • Car accident aged 17 yrs 364 days, passenger in the back seat of a Honda Civic, clipped a snow bank spun and rolled several times, all four of us got out in one piece somehow. Car was crumpled write off
  • reading away 1996

    those there will know what I mean
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    That great goal from David Whyte?
  • ledge that was a very strange journey from the ground wasnt that the hatchet afternoon
  • Yes when i was in Hospital

    Neede3d a CT scan as ever screwed would have to wait till the next day, lucky for me they got it working and i was operated on within 15 mins of coming out of teh scan, they reckon i would not have lasted teh night

    So whoever fixed the Scan saved my life
  • i was at reading away in 96 what happened, i dont remember anything going on???
  • i am sure that was when we were getting our arses run all over that park outside their ground and some one i believe got a hatchet attached to them
  • Went in to a fire in BA in July, in a three story wooden house and made access to the small roof void where the fire was at its greatest. In our half hour my mate and I all but put out the fire. Later on when the fire is out those of us that went in when it was smoke logged are encouraged back in to see an obstructed via of where we have been. When we got up to the third floor half the roof fell in, the last majorc chunk missed my mate by about a metre and a nearly pissed myself laughing.

    The closest I have nearly come to death without realising it was News Years eve about 8 years ago. We were at a indoor fish farm, that was alight and finding it hard to make access through the front. So another of the crew and I were dispatched to the rear to make alternative access, we found and broke through a door wearing BA. We made our way down a small corridor and located a door through to the fire compartment which opened onto a wall of what appeared to white smoke. The fire was in a huge barn like structure full of 5 metre across vats in which the fish matured before being shipped out, as there was no owner about we knew nothing about the place. The white smoke is very unusual and we gingerly tried tio make progress in a very hot room, but in whatever direction we went we came up against one of these tubs and due to this and the oppresive heat we decided to withdraw. Also we could see no sign of a fire, due to the steam any glow was hidden. As we made our way back around to the front of the property the fire flashed over (basically the fire mix reaches an ideal explosive mixture) and if we had been able to get into the room we would probably have died. First thing we knew about is when we were mobbed by the rest of our lot who, getting ready to hunt for our corpses.
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