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***Help Support Charlton Life***

Hi all,

You may have already noticed the new tab above, labelled *Shop*

This new feature is designed to help raise money towards the running costs of the site. What began as a kind of hobby quickly demanded much more of a commitment, both in terms of time and finances, then any of us ever could have imagined. Since the inception of the site we've managed to foot all the associated costs out of our own pockets; and have been glad to do so. We're very pleased with the way it has become a meaningful part of the wider Charlton Supporting community. However, success has meant challenges and we have operated on a small budget. Costs are now too much for us to bear outright from month to month and so we are looking for ways to raise funds to sustain growth and continue development.

Through our own choice, we've attempted to keep advertising to a minimum. With increased costs we are now beginning to seek advertising partners and sponsors, but we aim to keep this relevant, appropriate and relatively subtle. Since many kind souls have already requested a way to make donations to the cause, in the new year we will also provide a means to accept donations from those willing to personally contribute money to the site's sustainability and development.

But, in the meantime, it would really be helpful if anyone doing any online shopping this year will consider doing so through our new Shop, as a small percentage of any money spent will go the running costs of the site.

The Shop is associated with, so shopping is safe and secure. The Shop includes Charlton gifts, from books to waterproof dog coats(!), as well as other exciting gift ideas, such as electronics (Blu-Ray players, iPods, Computers, TVs etc.), DVDs and CDs. Anything available on is available in our Shop so feel free to surprise your loved ones with something they really need or want, whilst simultaneously supporting your favourite site; all with the click of your mouse.

It doesn't cost anything extra to you! Amazon will pay us a small percentage from the cost of any products you order through our site, so please consider the convenience and security of shopping here.

Adam and Danny


  • Definately will do!
  • Damn, just bought something from Amazon last week. Will definitely go via Charlton Life next time.
  • Great idea.

    PS Can I buy Charlton Life badges on Amazon ; - )
  • Xmas coming ill be ordering from Amazon as ever so will deffo do it from here
  • So we don't get a Charlton Life discount? :-(
  • Oh damn. I only put forty quid's worth of Amazon order through last week.
  • Great idea...I spend a fair bit @ Play & Amazon so will do my part!

    Is there no way we can donate directly to the site either? It seems ages since I done all the website costings/ecommerce stuff at uni but I reckon if every member chucked in just a couple of quid it would go a long way to help supporting the site for a while?
  • Yes, good idea.I admire you guys for the amount of money and effort that you must put in. I'm sure many on here wouldn't mind paying something as a monthly subscription.Just a thought. Maybe put it up as a sticky.
  • edited November 2008
    Is a Fiver a month considered enough?
  • [cite]Posted By: T.C.E[/cite]Is a Fiver a month considered enough?
    If all the members did that the site would earn £72,900 a year!
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  • edited November 2008
    Send the left overs after your exe's to Demelza! it would save me running around London like a lunatic to raise funds ;-)
  • we'll sort out some form of user contribution in the near future, but we just wanted to mention for now another way that generates an (admittably minute) income stream.

    thanks for all your public and private responses, it really is much appreciated.
  • Gotta say I can't seem to search clothing items and some other bits via that "shop"

    See if you can add some more bits!
  • Will do ALL my xmas shopping on the site (that'll be about a fivers worth).
  • [cite]Posted By: aliwibble[/cite]Oh damn. I only put forty quid's worth of Amazon order through last week.
    Same here. :(
  • [cite]Posted By: Friend Or Defoe[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: aliwibble[/cite]Oh damn. I only put forty quid's worth of Amazon order through last week.
    Same here. :(

    Me too - but only 15 quid
  • I can't get the full page up, the right hand side is cut off. Any ideas?
  • Need a link for Toys guys - Kids want something off Amazon and I can't get it through the CL Shop
  • Just bought a new monitor via the shop.
  • Clothing and Toys & Games now added. I plan to update and add more as time goes on, just to keep it fresh. If there's something you need from Amazon that's not there, just ask.

    Anyone with an older monitor will likely have issues with the right hand column of the Shop due to resolution issues. Unfortunately, I can't find an easy solution, but I will work to sort it. I'd like to get that right hand column over into the Control Panel on the left, which would work better I think.

    bing, think that new monitor will help ;-)

    Thanks for your support!
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  • [cite]Posted By: LoOkOuT[/cite]

    bing, think that new monitor will help ;-)

    Yeah, lets hope so eh?
  • Glad to help, although from past experience will not make a fortune. Just started Christmas shopping and spent £26 at Amazon!
  • Just bought some stuff guys - thanks or the link, proved to be cheaper than Play or HMV!
  • edited November 2008
    There's some good deals on there at the moment
    Black Books Complete Series 1-3 DVD Box Set for less than a tenner.
    The Complete Blackadder DVD Box Set for just under 25 quid.
    Coupling Complete Series 1-4 DVD Box Set for £15.98
    There's a Five film Harry Potter DVD box set for less than 25 quid, and Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy for 13 quid.

    And for the Doctor Who Fans
    Complete Series 1 DVD Box Set for less than 25 quid
    Complete Series 2 DVD Box Set for less than 30 quid
    Complete Series 3 DVD Box Set for less than 30 quid

    The IT Crowd Series 1&2 Box set is less than 15 quid, but unless you're planning on buying it as a gift, you may be better off pre-ordering the S1-3 set instead.

    For the Spooks fans the early series are less than £12 each, although the series 1-6 box set is still extortionately expensive. The Series 1, 2 and 3 box sets for Lost are less than half price, in case anyone's still interested as well.

    The Complete Sex and The City Series 1-6 DVD Box set is just under 50 quid, as is The Complete West Wing Series 1-7 DVD Box Set.

    Anyone else got any recommendations?
  • Thanks ali, that's a good list.
  • Just bought my blue-ray player - very easy, no difference from logging on to Amazon!

    Well done Lookout
  • Excellent idea.

    Will now be my favourite online shop!
  • oops....

    amazon binge!
  • Thanks peeps.
  • Lookie, not sure if you've considered something similar with the likes of I mention them specifically as I know that they, like Amazon, are also linked to the online e-nectar stores, and with all the travel our away faithful book may generate some more income ;-)

    In all seriousness, every little helps.
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