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Derby Away - Potential Lifers Coach Details

The following rate for Derby away taking into consideration that we can fill a 53 seater, in which i can see no reason why we cant will be £12 per head.

I have also arranged that there is to be 4 pick up points.

One of the four pick up points will be Bexleyheath.

So if fellow lifers can commit to going, the amount of spaces required, and where you are based we can look at where the other three pick up points can be. Please do take into considertion that if the numers are not as high as we would the fare may go up slightly.

I have arranged that the coach picks us up at 8.30 enabling us to have a few pints once we get there:




  • We live in charlton but we can make it to bexleyheath if thats the nearest.
  • I'd do a Dartford a la Ipswich last season...
  • live northumberland heath so bexheath would not be to far at all.
  • We can arrange for a pick up in Charlton B if there is a demand
  • So it's picking up at Charlton, Bexleyheath and Dartford so far - Canvey Island would be great, I think it's on the way!
  • what are the 4 pick ups WIWLB ?

  • Bexleyheath

    and another as long as there is a demand for that area.
  • well dont worry about charlton too much if only a couple of us.. more than easy to get to b heath.
  • I will confirm nearer the time where pick ups will be from.

    All i need at the moment is numbers.
  • put me down for 1 and a 1/2.
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  • Dartford is probably best for me as well.
  • Can you put me down for me +1 please mate.

    I live in Sidcup but am happy to get to Bexleyheath?
  • edited January 2009
    me plus one, will either be the mrs or the old man with me.

  • I live in horley and have no idea how to get to bexleyheath by train maybe?
  • Could you put RedArmySE7 down for a place as well please.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: adamtheaddick[/cite]me plus one, will either be the mrs or the old man with me.

    [img h=30 w=28][/img][/quote]From where ?
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Plaaayer[/cite]Could you put RedArmySE7 down for a place as well please.[/quote]From Bexleyheath or Charlton
  • sorry mate Bex Heath would be great. behind the court house where the official go from?
  • Adamtheaddick, I am now convinced you are obsessed with picture threads.
  • me and two others from Bromley (can get to wherever if necessary)
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  • [cite]Posted By: DA9[/cite]Adamtheaddick, I am now convinced you are obsessed with picture threads.

    im gona have to bring loads of printouts with for me for the coach to hold up whilst were all having a chat.. like that bob dylan video... ;-) you cant beat a funny german coach gag tho..
  • WIWLB put me down for it bud def
  • If you are doing a picking up from Bromley that would be fantastic for me, but likewise I can get anywhere too.
  • Would love to go, but got to work, already swapped the easter saturday with someone at work two weeks before, so I can do a long weekend in Brighton with the other half, so cant justify swapping again.
  • i would say if the coach was going to be picking up from lots of different places i'd probably get the train. I dont even mind dartford pick up as can get a train straight there from charlton.
  • Agreed, you only really want 2, maximum 3 pick ups for it to work.
  • me plus one from Sidcup but can travel. does that sound a bit like an escorts advert
  • oK there will be two pick up points


    and either Charlton or Dartford depwnding on where the demand is
  • Henry Irving 2
    Player 2
    WIWLB 2
    Adam the Addick 2
    No 1 In Sth London 2
    NLA 1
    Curb It 2

    38 seats remaining, have i missed anyone
  • RedArmySE7
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