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Burnley vs. Charlton - Poll, Predictions, Teams and Match Thread

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Following a resounding and convincing win over Palace on Tuesday night (…), we once again set off on our travels to the affectionately nicknamed “Turdmoor” to take on a Burnley side who have lost their last 5 games. Should we feel optimistic about our chances then? Or should the fact that we haven’t won back to back games since December 2007 mean the best we can expect is a draw?

With about as much defensive cover as an outfit of Jodie Marsh’s we are looking down to the very bare bones at the back so who is going to play there (will we get somebody in beofre the game?) and will we see Andy Gray once again start up front or will Dickson finally get the chance to become the legend he thinks he can be?

All your views, team selections and prediction here. Oh and when 3pm comes around yesterday, which match do you think CAFC TV will cover? I’m plumping for Wolves vs. Watford. ;-)


  • I've gone for a win although I don't know what it would do to my mental health if we won two games in a row.
  • Depends on how many players we have fit at the back, we need an experienced leader at the back if we are even to stand a chance of a win. If Hudson is fit or we sign another (Brown) before Saturday I think we can win if not I am worried that what little boost we got Tuesday will be trampled into the Turf Moor
  • I'm going totally against all logic here and tipping a Charlton win.

    I've just got a hunch that having ''about as much defensive cover as an outfit of Jodie Marsh’s'' is going to inspire us to dig deep and show that Charlton are always at their Churchillian best when the adversity is at its greatest.

    That and the relief of winning on Tuesday are going to carry us through to an epic win, in which several players perform way above their natural ability instead of under it, as they have done for most of the season so far.

    Heaven knows what the team will be. Whoever's still standing, I guess. Anybody travelling should probably take their boots!
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    Burnley have lost their last 5.

    We will make it 6 :-)
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    I've voted a win for us......

    but in all honesty don't see us bucking a trend and winning two games in a row for the first time since was it october 2007??!!

    (don't have time to check this fact, I may be wrong it may b even longer since our last back to back league victory)

    0-0 - both teams needing not to lose
  • December 07 last back to back wins
  • 1-1 draw but I wouldn't be completely surprised if we sneaked a win
  • Unless there are any signings or further bad news from the treatment room, I would guess we will line-up like this : -


    Moots Youga Holland Basey

    Soares Spring Bailey Sam



    subs: Randolph; Racon (if fit); Shelvey; Dickson; Fleetwood

    I don't think there is anyone else who is fit, is there?

    And hasn't Youga got a suspension coming up - does he miss Bristol City on Tues night?
  • well change that above, then, and add Ward and Kandol to the mix. Not sure Kandol will play, except from the bench, as Parky is bound to go 4-5-1 with Burton up-front, isn't he ?
  • Quite funny that after our first win we are going to see a completely different team again. Not Parkys fault this time though.
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    I think the team will be-


    Yassin (Murty if fit) Ward Holland Youga

    Soares Spring Bailey Sam

    Shelvey (Ambrose is injured I think)


    Subs: Randolph, Basey, Racon (if fit, if not Wright I guess, unless Ambrose is fit, him or Shelvey), Kandol, Dickson

    Although Parkinson might be tempted to throw Dickson or Kandol in and keep 4-4-2, probably not though.
  • I've gone for a win, only as we go into this weekends game as the form team :oP!
  • the euphoria of Tuesday night is over with, it's back down to earth with a bump I'm afraid....a 3-0 or 3-1 defeat.
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    Funnily enough, I feel a little less confident of the win I predicted now there are two new faces in the squad for tomorrow.

    Much as we obviously need the reinforcements and they are hugely welcome, my prediction of a win was based on a vision of 'our lot' putting their general crap-ness behind them, digging deep, stepping up to the plate and all those other well-worn cliches, and then playing out of their skins for their stricken comrades and showing that when we're really up against it is when we are at out best...

    Obviously, it's a better side for having Ward in it, but a proper, fully-qualified CB dilutes the Churchillian/Dad's Army spirit I was anticipating! Sorry if that sounds perverse. And my 'we will fight them on the beaches...we will never surrender' reverie was probably just that, anyway - a daft pipe dream .

    More seriously, though, you can just see Kandol coming off the bench ahead of Dicko and that is going to make a lot of people very unhappy...

    But we ar enot great up this neck of the woods.
  • Burnley to win by at least 3 goals and I'l be there to watch it!
  • A case of EEE BY GLUM for me i'm afraid
  • Even though Burnley are on a shocking run of form themselves, with our defensive injury problems I can see us losing 3-0 or 3-1. No chance I'm afraid.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]A case of EEE BY GLUM for me i'm afraid

    eeeeurgggghh !
  • Anyone know when our last victory was at Burnley?
    Its a lay down and die game.......
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  • went for a draw,however could be a bit of a shock there
  • With not enough recognised defenders, we won't win, or keep a clean sheet, so unless he plays 4-4-2, we'll lose
  • 1 away league win all season & that was a lucky one gives you all the indicators you need about this result. No brainer really :-(
  • On the basis that Burnley might be a little bit distracted by their FA Cup replay on Tuesday, I think we might be able to sneak a draw.

    If they get an early goal, though, then it could again be a very different matter.
  • I thought we was gonna draw this one, but Dicko has told me I'm the bad luck, so due to a little over indulgance last night, I overslept, so won't be going.

    Here's the test of your theory then eh Dicko
  • The one hope I'm clinging to is that we are traditionally at our best as underdogs.

    We are certainly underdogs today...
  • Hopefully we will be like the bus none for ages then 2 or 3 all at once. So on this basis i have gone for a win
  • has anyone got a link for the radio?
  • Bloody hell - Dickson is starting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Murty fit; Shelvey not even on the bench
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