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Wolves Away

edited February 2009 in Match Day Travel
Who's in?

Just booked return train tickets from Ashford to Wolverhampton - 22 quid. Can't odds it.

Match ticket price though - £27.40.


  • Im in, staying overnight in the travellodge next to the station, we are going monmore dogs in the evening. Ticket price a bit steep still we charge some fans £30.
  • Should be a good day then Welsh, i'm sure the two of us can create a bit of noise.
  • with Reading just three days previous the £27.40 is a bit lumpy for me. Gonna swerve this one. The brownie points will allow me to attend Saints away on Mrs Large's birthday.
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    I expect Ill be there, no excuses really as living in Coventry now
  • Purchased Reading tickets aswell today. With Cheltenham festival in between the two, hopefully will be a good week. .
  • Il b there, black country girlfriend (Brom fan) as well.
  • The Wolves game is the featured game in the championship next week so there is going to be more than just 5 seconds to watch!
  • Can watch those goals fly past us at leisure on sunday morning then !!!
  • Yeah I will be doing this *local* one.
  • sort of looking forward to going in a strange way
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  • Theres a chance the wolves players and crowd could be the more nervous really, their forms been stuttering. As long as we can avoid conceding go three up and we might get a draw ;)
  • I'm going, but not sure why. Confident we'll lose and always found them to be a bunch of inbreeds. Horrible place too.
  • I am going. Making a day of it on the beer.
  • If it's anything like Tuesday night it will be a good day out.

    'We're going down but we're on the piss'
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