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(Super) Kent v. Slurrey.



  • So is that (Kent) Charlton losing to (Surrey) Man U?

    p.s as in tons of CAFC fans in Kent and united fans in Surrey
  • Kent need 232 off 40 overs with 5 wkts in-hand

    5.8 an over
  • lol Is that a no kent wont win or a yes they can - I have no idea about Cricket.
  • Come on Super Surrey
  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]Come on Super Surrey
    [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]Come on Super Surrey
    [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]Come on Super Surrey
  • tea

    Kent 239 - 5

    need 166 off 30 which is 5.53 an over
  • Super, Super Surrey
    Super, Super Surrey
    Super, Super Surrey
    Super Surrey C C
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  • Comon Kent..
    Ohh i can't be arsed :)
  • Come on you Kentish lads!
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    [cite]Posted By: StubleyAddick[/cite]Comon Kent..
    Ohh i can't be arsed :)


    To be honest you've already reduced the deficit... and I can't understand cricket - a game that takes all day!
  • Lol Dazzler at least i understand the game!
  • We lost.

    Only a friendly
  • All this for a friendly ?

    Jeez, don't think we're gonna have this rubbish for every soddin cricket game !
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]All this for a friendly ?

    Jeez, don't think we're gonna have this rubbish for every soddin cricket game !

    It could have been worse. It could have been your mobile MOG kept sending updates to ; - )

    Anyway once the season's over what else will we have to talk about but cricket, baseball, which players were selling, why Peter Varney never took over the club, how to get to Wycombe's ground...
  • Yaaaaaay Surrey no.1 lol
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]We lost.

    Only a friendly[/quote]

    Henners how could you of made this mistake.
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    Bemused to get home from an enjoyable afternoon at Beckenham and read a post from Henry Irving saying ''We lost''.

    Not sure if he is a Kent or Surrey supporter, but whichever team he favours, he's wrong - the game I saw was drawn!

    I presume he wasn't at the game and I'm not sure where he got his info from. I would suggest he follows his own advice and in future only believes what it says on the Kent O/S or the Surrey O/S and discounts all else as rumour!

    Liked the look of young Sam Northeast, by the way. Think he's got a big future. Strange goings on in the Kent dressing room, though. Coach Graham Ford still hasn't arrived back from South Africa due to a visa problem.

    Most of those present (including Surrey voices such as coach Chris Adams , Mark Butcher and Graham Thrope) seemed to be tipping Key to captain England in the 20-20 world cup. They seem to think neither Flintoff or Collingwood wants the job, leaving the door wide open for Rob.
  • Nigel.
    My fault.
    Was updating Henry with the scores, and got the wrong impression that we had to better Slurreys score of 405 in our 100 overs.
    A draw against the brownhatters seems like a lose to me.............
  • Henry absolved, then, MOG!

    As for your error - well, absolved, too,I guess because there were no announcements so who would know what the match rules were? I only knew because it was the same in the friendly v Notts at Canterbury last week, which was also drawn.

    Can't say that any of our youngsters particularly impressed me, apart from Northeast. The bowlers all looked pretty toothless.

    What do you make of this Graham Ford situation? Can you imagine Charlton playing our pre-season friendlies last summer with Pardew absent? On second thoughts, don't answer that. We''d probably have had a far better season if he'd stayed out of the country and never returned!
  • You should take it as a good result, were be champions come the end of the season
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