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CL Survey: One in every Block ?? Where do you sit ?

First sorry if this is posted before if so im sure it will be pointed out and so i can check...but with all the lifers is there a lifer in every block in every stand....or is there a saddo block with no one in ...yes its a boring day in sunny whitechapel


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    Well there's only one way to find out !

    Say what one you are:

    C - Bing, Luva Luva, Dabos, Simonsen
    D - addick1965, Aliwibble, Kodfish, AllLeftFoot
    E - Bigredevil, Solidgone, wwtone, Blackheath Addick, Henry Irving, Graham R, ashford addick, JohnnyH2, Silent Addick, Alex Wright, bc_addick, Jobbers, otherwarwickaddick, Southend Addick, 24 Red, Charlton Charlie, Razil
    F - JohnnyH2, shirty5, w/sladeaddick, Striker Firmani, stonemuse
    G - charlton4ever, Red Fraggle, Nadou, Addickted, Livebythesword, Hex
    H - Curbey

    B - Jorge Costa, Dave Rudd, Radzinsky, Ross
    C - North Lower Neil, EGAddick, Red Pete
    D - WelshAddick, da2 addick, WIWLB
    E - Chizz, Bigfatpete, Mr Largo, CFW, mart77
    F - cfgs, F Blocker
    G - P Air,
    H - WSS, Plaayer, Eltham, Leftbehind, Ketman, Carter, SE10Addick, 1905, The Hat, RedarmySE7, Essex Al, Shag, Essex Red, Scruffle, Ralphmilne's gut, Chris from Sidcup, colthe3rd, Wilma, MCS, Valley Floyd Red
    J - JT, Rothko, Clem side, MOG, Reddy Rascals, FoD, Red Riding Hoodie, demodainty, h, AlexAnder, J Block Joe
    K - dartfordgent, FTP, milaphile, Len Glover, ellisaddick
    L - CHG, Curb It, Tavern, Suzi, Les Says, Weegie, se9addick, Riscardo, Covered End, Big William, 3Blokes
    M - AFKA, Rhinosvalley, Ajax Addick, NSS, NLA, Boogica, BBClaus, MrOneLung, Killers Beard, KB Littlesis, gazzaaddick
    N - Stone, TCE, Valley McMoist, Swerve, Afternoon Delight, Howitzer, Guinness Addick, Wickford, Crispycafc

    NW QUADRANT - Duck Killer Brown, oohaahmortimer, kimbo, harryamuse, valleyaddick, imissthepeanutman, Werebyfarthegreatest, adamtheaddick, GHE, NathanPrior, Blikant, kevtherev, SHG

    NE QUADRANT - billy cotton


    B - Isawleaburnscore, Swisdom, Badger
    C - robroy, No1 in South London, Maglor, cafc west
    D - Stubley Addick, Solaraddick, stubs1310
    E - Ollywozere, Stilladdicted
    G - Nug
    J - JVL
    K - Jaire, Oggy Red
    L - Scoham
    M - Soundasa£
    N - Red in Se8
    P - Off It
    Q - somerton
  • JTJT
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    [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]North
  • North H
  • I'm North M
  • North H
  • East Block D
  • Covered End - E
    (Don't get me started on the "North Stand" debate)
  • North K i think FTP will say if i wrong moved this week can you tick off list ?
  • North J
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  • East Block E
  • take it west stand folk do gentlemen hours
  • North E
  • [cite]Posted By: BigRedEvil[/cite]East Block E

    Me too as is wwtone
  • East F
  • West Upper Block M... smack bang on the half way line...isle seat....Fantastic view if I say so myself.
  • does derek chappell count for Dir Box?

    For the time being at least
  • East G
  • West Upper Block K
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  • North Block L - the only one !
  • [cite]Posted By: se9addick[/cite]North Block L - the only one !

    I was there about 45 mins ago...
  • NE quadrant.
  • north west quad for me
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    North West Quad for me and Harryamuse, if only we had badges?
  • East Block H
  • West K, these days I sit with my 77 year old Dad
  • covered end D block
  • i was north B which has no lifers currently.... but i've moved to the M block.
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