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My colleague just took a phone call from a certain organisation regards dimensions of a certain vehicle?????

Wonder if they are carrying money?


  • CAFC?
  • Thought the Post Mortem would have been carried out in LA to be honest.
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]CAFC?

    Couldn't possibly say :-)
  • Whats the point then ?
  • My colegue took a phone call from a bloke and he wrote something down.

    I wonder what it was ?
  • What kind of vehicle?
  • [cite]Posted By: SparrowsLane[/cite]Whats the point then ?

    Lighten up fella, read between the lines.
  • i often read between the lines but im dyslexic ---------------------wh the f**k came up with that word for people that cant spell ?
  • Hope this means good news today! Just read the mecury which says attempted buyout still moving forward behind the scenes and no transfers in or out till its done or breaks down. It really has to be done by the end of june imo because contracts end then
  • Is it the return of redbus? A limo at the airport for the sheikhs? Can't imagine it would carry cash
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  • [cite]Posted By: Red_in_SE8[/cite]What kind of vehicle?

    Is it a limo to pick some big wigs up from the airport and bring them to the Valley for a press conference?
  • i think its we have brought Andy Reid back and he is a tad over wight.
  • its a mini bus for next seasons valley express.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]i think its we have brought Andy Reid back and he is a tad over wight.[/quote]

    That was good
  • I think the Mercury piece may have been written a tad too soon.
  • [cite]Posted By: ShootersHillGuru[/cite]I think the Mercury piece may have been written a tad too soon.

    Why do you say that? Do you know something?
  • Is that in a goods or bad way shooters? Is something good in the air today?
  • Just had a thought, hope its not the 02 people buying us, their gonna have to payout a load on mj's cancelled gigs now,
  • Nope, no cars or buses, big van.

    In my professional capacity I will have to ask what is being carried, probably really boring.
  • Ok

    They want a van

    Someone is clearing there office

    Did read in between the lines well E?
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  • We have signed van nistleroy?
  • Parky is clearing his office?!?!?!

    reading between the lines of corse
  • Directors are clearing their offices?
  • Or Moving teh stock from Bexleyheath to SE7 for next weeks stock take

    I hope its a clearing office rather than stock move
  • all I can see on news now is about shelvey going to chelski, Shooters, you seemed to know something? please come back with more info!
  • Da9 ------------ its that blag a few years back, when they nicked £55 million. OB only found £20 million , so some one is moving the rest !!!! Im in fella.
  • After two months of due diligence it is now complete and all the paper work has to be sent back to storage?
  • "Hello can I have a van?"

    "How big?"

    "Oh about big enough to fit the contents of a football managers office"

    "Oh ok, on its way"
  • Sorry bad day at the office

    Is the certain vehicle for SE7 or SE9 ?
  • Can we add this thread to the life's irritations thread?
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