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Anyone else

edited January 2010 in Troubleshooting
lose the site?

I've been unable to get on for half an hour or more although I've been able to access other websites.


  • Yes, it was down for 30+ minutes ... too many users on o e thread I believe.
  • There were 30 members, 141 guests ...... and more than a phew phantoms
  • yes I lost it towards the end of the match and got an error message that there were too many users and to try again
  • Sack the Manager, Sack the board sack everyone aaaaaah it aint good enough!
  • Same here. Was reluctant to switch to BBC because everytime I follow matches on there we lose late goals. Waited until the match was well over before logging in again. No nails left!
  • I think the match threads should be made members only as too many guests crashing the site on a matchday is a recurring problem. It would also get membership figures up.
  • Are some of these extra guests actually members who can't be arsed to log in....?
  • Apologies guys. I'm at the games so not aware when this happens. We'll look into it
  • Dowie/Reed/Murray/Irvings fault !
  • It's something to do with all of the links being posted...
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  • Sorry Wss, JT, Chizz.......etc.
    My Fault.
    Blame Oggy: He started me on this new "Copy & Paste" thingy................
  • Yep, all my fault ..... then I go down the pub, and leave you all to it.

  • [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]Yep, all my fault ..... then I go down the pub, and leave you all to it.


    Have you got a link for the pub??
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