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at the toolbox yesterday.
but versus us wasn't their cup final, honest.


  • Didnt expect anything else.

    Just smashed us and Leeds, a fiver to get in and somehow 3000 home fans down (shrugs shoulders)
  • yep i see that, pitiful are they on a bad run?? .... the excitement of being in front of us in the league is embarrassing , it must have really hurt them the last 14 years, it can be the only reason for their sheer delight and some sort of inferiority complex they have
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    Thought it was a decent turnout myself, you lot seem to think we are some big club with a huge hardcore of support.

    Dunno why you lot think that.....
  • was a decent crowd for you actually.
  • & I've just seen you took just over 500 to fellow play off rivals Huddersfield yesterday and still have the audacity to have a pop at our little 3rd division team!
  • No doubt it was a poor turnout from us yesterday. BUT we have been so off colour it was expected
  • 3 away games, 3 saturdays in a row. (Huddersfield, MK Dons, Southampton) Something has to give. Fair play to anyone who does all 3.
  • the least you say about your away following this year sparrows the better,shocking
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]the least you say about your away following this year sparrows the better,shocking

    And the Home attendances.......
  • I haven't said anything about our away followings have I.
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  • good man.
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    [cite]Posted By: Sparrows Lane Lion[/cite]I haven't said anything about our away followings have I.

    Yes but you did mention ours ;)..

    You would have brought less up there, and your on a decent run..Enough said.
  • You have to take into account the away attendance. Stockport had less than 100 fans.

    Therefore you're looking at 11,000 home fans.

    Millwall v Charlton had around 14,800 home fans.

    One opponent is a local derby and promotion rival, the other is the side rock-bottom who Millwall have zero history with. Are you really surprised the home attendance increased 30%?
  • Nolly - what is wrong with the Millwall away attendances this year?
  • We may take less there, what's your point?

    Are you trying to compare the stature of your club compared to Millwall? Why? We have a smaller hardcore of support, smaller club overall, so you'd expect you to take better away followings than us! (Although I bet there isn't a massive difference between us)
  • everything,the dress attire is shocking,tracksuit bottoms with shoes,gapped teeth greasy hair,shall i go on?
  • Is that it?
  • thankfully so few of you away from home .
  • Ah I see, you have no idea what you're talking about. All makes sense now, as you were.
  • oh dear.
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  • Like I said, I thought you may be capable of a decent debate on the subject, clearly not. It's no problem, we're all different.
  • a debate about millwalls failing away support no thanks.
  • Great skills nolly. Language is your tool.
  • 178 Stockies at Millwall
  • i see millwall sold out colchester away with a couple of weeks to spare,what was the allocation they were given?
  • 1940 I think allocation was to Colchester. Could do with another 1,000 or so.
  • i think we got a bigger allocation than that with an option for more. can't see why they wouldn't want your money
  • I thought you took around 800 to Colchester? Why I think that I don't know.
  • we took 2,066 to colchester
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