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Froch v Kessler

Tonight channel 480 (SKY) should be a proper fight, Froch is rarely in a dull bout and Kessler is a very hard man

I think Froch should have enough thump to stop Kessler in the later rounds


  • its a hard fight,see a bit of a blood bath,both get hit to easy,neither will box this could be special,just ordered it,really looking forward to this one,hope undercard is good
  • Haven't got a clue who's on the undercard, he don't duck anyone Froch

    Froch has got more of a bang than Calzaghe and Calzaghe hit Kessler a lot

    Backed Froch at 10/1 to stop him in rounds 7-9
  • Kessler on points for me.

    What time is it on?
  • Froch late round stoppage or points. Kessler is double-hard, but I think Froch will have a bit too much for him. Like them both - proper fighters the pair of them.
  • cheers Carter, i scanned the channels earlier and couldn't see it listed anywhere, so thats a right result.

    What time programme start mate ?
  • sod it, just seen its 15 quid so trying to find a moody feed or a rerun on youtube for me
  • Don't get why I can't find this on Paddy Power.
  • Just go on AFKA and you'll find a decent feed.
  • edited April 2010
    anybody know what time it starts froch is a quality fighter
  • [cite]Posted By: Chunes[/cite]Don't get why I can't find this on Paddy Power.
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    try this
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: route one[/cite]anybody know what time it starts froch is a quality fighter[/quote]

    Any minute now!
  • Cheers Steve. Wonder why they aren't offering betting on it? Oh well, £10 on Duff for first scorer tomorrow instead.
  • anybody got a streaming link for it?
  • Erm three posts up?
  • sorry had the thread up for a while before i posted
  • Don't worry the stream's just died!
  • Kessler controlled the earlier rounds for a home fighter but didn't totally dominate

    Froch has mashed Kesslers left eye and is starting to look like finishing Kessler

    This is a good fight
  • If this goes the distance Kessler will get the decision

    Froch needs to knock Kessler out in Denmark

    He's won the last three but that might not swing hometown judges

    Kesslers corner don't sound happy
  • Cracking fight, well worth 15 quid

    Don't think Froch will get the decision but he is the champ..........

    The last 3 minutes of that was amazing scrapping and both have chins made of stone
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  • Got up to round 8 and the feed bombed...

    Managed to find another for the twelth so can anyone fill me in on what happened in 9, 10 and 11?

    I had Kessler winning up until the 9th
  • Froch won them ones
  • Kessler won, unanimous decsion
  • No way was it that wide the Italian judge must of been getting a sly finger from the front row

    But Kessler has a champions heart and like Duke McKenzie just said, no shame in losing that over the distance
  • caught the last two rounds, blimey !
  • Cheers Carter
  • 15 quid well spent

    How Sky can ask that same amount for Amir Khan chery picking fights I do not know

    Froch is still a champion, but maybe he will keep his hands higher now
  • great last three rounds thought kessler nicked it,soured by some of the judging. makes joes win something though.
  • It does, god knows how that Italian saw it like that

    Worth 15 sovs nolly??

    I say yeeees
  • every penny,that italian has previous,should be thrown out
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