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FC United of Manchester

Rochdale 2 FC United of Manchester 3

What a match. I don't know about anyone else on here but for me this appeared to be the most interesting match of the week-end. I wasn't disappointed. I'd just love to see them be successful.

Imagine if they got to the 3rd round and drew Man U.


  • Some more money for them to build a new stadium in Newton Heath , great for the game.
  • Superb - we definitely can't be the biggest shock of the weekend now!!
  • Does anyone know why the FC United fans were singing 'Argentina?'

    My wife was pleased by this and wants to become an FC United fan (in addition to Man City)
  • That's a real shock result to be honest, Rochdale are a useful side and have started this season well in League 1.
  • Is it wrong of me to dislike FC United?

    Shock result, yes
  • [cite]Posted By: IA[/cite]Is it wrong of me to dislike FC United?

    Shock result, yes
    I dislike them too! Sympathise with teams like AFC Wimbledon but don't see the real point in this lot
  • Exactly my thoughts, Ollywozere. I don't see the point. They're Man Utd fans at the end of the day. It's not like the club was taken away from them, they just don't like foreigners. I sympathise with AFCW, Halifax, Aldershot, even Chester, but not these lot. I can't see a reason for wanting them in the League or to do well in the Cup.

    But people do seem to like them. Is it pure underdog?
  • [cite]Posted By: jimmymelrose[/cite]Does anyone know why the FC United fans were singing 'Argentina?'

    probably a dig at united re tevez
  • Never heard fans keep singing for such long periods - including a version of Anarchy in the UK
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  • I think that the point of FC United is they are against the rampant commercialisation of football and that the Glazier takeover was the straw that broke the camel's back. From what I understand Man Utd were very well off financially before they arrived and now they are millions in debt. They could end up breaking the club. What if, for example, they got relegated? It could start a whole downward spiral they could even culminate in the sale of Old Trafford to raise funds.
    Would that be any better than what happened to Wimbledon?

    FC United is owned by the fans and no matter how much one person invests they only get one vote, the same as someone who invests the minimum, which is twelve pounds. I think that's bloody admirable: a truly democaratic club that is owned by the fans; the fans making the decisions about the club's future. Such a club will never leave their ground to play at a rival's ground, never change their name and move to another town, and never sell to a bunch of Americans who know nothing about the history of the club. Not unless they go back on the way the club is structured anyway.

    Not only that but these fans seem to truly love what I love about the game. They value the community value of the club, and the evidence of their unbelievable constant singing really showed their passion. They have even refused shirt sponsorship as it's commercial revenue. How wonderful it would be if the whole league were full of clubs that relied solely on gate receipts and fans' contributions, had grounds full of passionate fans - fans who own the clubs themselves.

    That couldn't happen though, could it? That match last night at least allowed me to believe that it is possible.
  • what's the odd of fc united to meet manchester united that would be a cracker of i match i would love to see
  • funny aint it but FC United were against ramant commercialism so much that they were also outraged by games being moved for tv , however as soon as they got offered the pound notes for having their game moved on friday they were only too happy.

    To compare them to AFC wimbledon is ridiculous.
  • I dont think there's anything wrong in getting the right commercial deals for a football club.The problems arise when clubs pay more to players and admin than their combined cashflows from gatemoney and other commercial activity.
    If FC United manage to run it on a positively balanced budget then good luck to them and to every other club that chooses that sensible road.
  • There's nothing wrong with getting the right commercial deals, unless you're protesting against that very commercialism.

    I don't have a problem with a Man Utd fans' club, but the media attention they get is far out of line with a club that finished 5 points behind Stocksbridge Park Steels FC last season.

    Given the attention they receive and the support they get from neutrals, I think I wouldn't have a problem with them if
    i) they were called Newton Heath United FC (which only got 25% of the vote)
    ii) they played in green and yellow (tradition, no?)
    iii) there was no overlap between fans of Newton Heath Utd and Man Utd
  • FC United of Manchester .......does that mean most of their fans live in and around Manchester, instead of Surrey?
  • I have heard some of fans involved with FCUnited and it is not because they hate foreigners. It was more to do with the commercialisation of the club and the fact that they didn't feel part of it.

    They said that with FC United that they want to be able to afford to go to the games and bring their kids, and feel a part of the club, something that they couldn't do at Manchester Utd.

    The commercialisation and increase in season tickets was due in part to Glazier having to serve the interest on his leveraged buyout. Leveraged buyouts are not good. If the rumours are true then a leveraged buyout may be coming to us soon a la Risdale or possibly someone else.

    Back to FCUnited, I know what you mean IA, but the whole thing is about not liking foreigners. I didn't really get that impression when I heard the FCUtd stalwart fan on the radio.
  • Man Utd were commercialised long before the Glazers. I don't think I'm imagining that bit of the 1990s

    My memories of the Glazer buyout was that the protests centred more on the fact they were American than the way they bought the club. The club was already floated, so it can't be capitalism. The club was already accessing Asian markets etc, so it can't be commercialism. It seemed to be the identity of the buyers. The extent to which leveraged buyout put the club in risk is something that was only really made clear when they sold Ronaldo. Strangely, FCUM average attendances have been steadily falling since they were set up despite all the news and anti-Glazer protests.

    There were plenty of "non-commercial" clubs already existing in Manchester, but if you are going to set a club up, maybe abandon the one you don't like. A significant number of FCUM fans also seem to still be MUFC fans, which seems to defeat the purpose.

    What happens to FCUM if/when the Glazers leave MUFC?
  • As IA suggests, surely Man Utd were the very first British club to understand the financial benefits of marketing themselves to a wider audience?

    They did this many years ago, before the Prem and long before the Glazers were involved .........and raised huge income from non-matchday commercial sales.
  • The Argentina song was not a bloody did at United, it's a dig at England. FC Uniteds followers are basically United followers.

    Everyone knows that Uniteds support is the most anti-England, in England. A lot of their songs are anti-England. You very very rarely see a St Geroge flag at a United away game.

    They have a big Irish element within thier support and they seem to dictate what happens.
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  • And there was me thinking Man Utd with their global support, were making the world one nation.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: IA[/cite]Man Utd were commercialised long before the Glazers. I don't think I'm imagining that bit of the 1990s[/quote]

    Charlton Athletic were "commercialised" under the leadership of Richard Murray and Peter Varney. Initiatives such as Target 10,000, which eventually grew to Target 40,000, the various other price initiatives, Valley Express, the efforts to ensure Sky gave us a fair cut - all these things had the goal of raising revenue. But the key thing was that they were done with the help of fans. Murray and Varney understood that being a Charlton fan, with all the recent history, was part of the experience; and if fans were involved in bringing more of their fellow fans in, and helping to run the club, then it makes the fans experience better than it would otherwise be. I would say that the fact that we enjoy better gates than both Palace and Millwall is evidence that this was the right commercial approach.

    That's why I tend to support FC United - I think they think along the same lines. I dont say they are good, and the rest are bad. There's a complex make up to the MUFC fan base. There is an influential group which blocked Murdoch, but remained comfortable with the 90's United approach.But as Germany football shows us, the closer the fans are to the running of the club, the better in the long term.
  • The FC United crowd are a pretty sanctimonious bunch, who somehow seem to believe that Manchester United was an enterprise run on socialist lines until the frightful Glazers rocked up. Blend that with the inbred arrogance of United fans - many still follow "big United" anyway - and it's not a pleasant mixture.

    There's also AFC Liverpool - who share a ground with Prescot Cables, which was founded as a side for those priced out of seeing Liverpool; which seems a little more honest at least, despite the daft Soviet-style club badge.
  • AFC Charlton anyone?

    In all honestly, some of FCUMs videos on youtube are great! these are loved in relation to MK Dons!
  • "If" FC get drawn in the 3rd round away to Man U, will the FC supporters pay to go to Old Trafford ?
  • Likely to happen after the draw possibly paired MKD v AFC WImbledon. as an aside SOuthport v SHeff Weds, 6 goals in 12 minutes, great stuff !!
  • [cite]Posted By: Miserableold-ish git[/cite]"If" FC get drawn in the 3rd round away to Man U, will the FC supporters pay to go to Old Trafford ?

    Well I imagine the hundreds of FCUM that still regularly travel to European away games will
  • I understand fan's disillusions with the commercialism of modern football and certain posters should note how fans of a club who have the champions league recently aren't happy with the game when mocking opposing views on wanting to return to the premiership, but where is this going to end? How many of these rebel clubs will there by and what about the affect it will have on other non-league teams who's fan base can't compete with them? As humorous as it may be, lets hope we don't get an AFC Woolwich playing near by! These clubs are providing a quick fix to a bigger issue.

    Please don't compare FCUM to AFC Wimbledon.
  • The anti-Glazer feeling really comes out of a lack of understanding of leveraged buy outs by fans and the sports media. It's now like Man U were some kind of co-operative before, and I can't believe you'd be a fan of them if you didn't really like supporting big successful international commercial juggernaut, anyway. As Isaw points out a number of people support both teams, which is as pointless as wearing one of those Norwich scarves on top of a replica kit.

    If Jan Venegoor ever signed for them he'd be Jan Venegoor of Hesselink of FC United of Manchester. I can imagine how much that would amuse the likes of Lawro.
  • Just to clear up the Argentina chant its Margentina , after Karl Marginson the manager. Top night was not able to get ticket as they sold out in a day. Have been to about 20 games since inception and being an old c..t its just like the old days i.e. 70s. Footballs gone for me even though i go to Mufc away games when i get tickets.
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