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Charlton vs. Luton - FA Cup 2nd Round - Preview, Poll, Views and News

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Nine games unbeaten, a large travelling horde of fans, the Covered End open and it’s the FA Cup. Surely Saturday is a day everyone is looking forward to?

Saturday’s game against Luton Town offers us the chance to get into the third round draw of the historic competition, and for the first time since about 1997 I think I would be once again be excited that we could draw one of the big teams from the Premier League. There is however no doubt that the FA Cup has lost some of it’s magic and that will probably be shown by a crowd of around 12,000 (total guess) with a quarter of that made up by some mad Hatters.

It seems sad to treat Saturday’s game as a chance to get people fit/give them a run out but the league is our priority and we should have more than enough to overcome a conference team, albeit a very good one, with the squad we have. Niggling injuries, cup-ties and suspensions could force Parkinson’s hand on Saturday with Dailly serving his second out of four games, Matt Fry serving a suspension after picking up a booking, and Martin (and Seip??) not being given permission to play by their clubs. Doc picked up a knock towards the end of Tuesday’s game but I expect him to be fit with Llera possibly coming in if not.

Jose went off in the game against Rovers and I expect him not to be risked after a decent appearance by Alan McCormack from the substitutes bench. Wagstaff should get another chance on the wing after an indifferent performance last time out. Jacko may go to left back with Fry out and Kyle Reid will hopefully get another 90 minutes under his belt.

Although Joe Anyinsah declared himself ready to play on Twitter for Saturday, he will probably start on the bench after the hustle and bustle of Akpo’s recent cameos should have earned him the chance to build a partnership with Benson.

It’s the FA Cup, it’s Charlton but I expect us to be in that velvet bag come Sunday afternoon dreaming of a trip to one of the Premier League big boys like Bolton…



  • Team changes aplenty due to injury / suspension / cup ties. Big away crowd sounding larger due to South stand acoustics. Non league team out for giant kill. Unbeaten run must end some day. We need to concentrate on the league attitude. Big Big banana skin so I went for an away win.

    I'm usually wromg though!!!
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]Nine games unbeaten, a large travelling horde of fans

    words that can only mean .............we're at home!

    comfortable win against another pub/park side
  • With Dailly out, possibly Doherty and Seip not allowed to play, we could see Fortune and Llera at CB.

    Semedo is also a doubt and I think Fry is banned after 5 yellow cards. Mambo could be third choice CB.

    Nine games unbeaten. Playing a team two divisions below ourselves. Luton win.

    Ideally we'll be winning comfortably and give Harriott or another young player 20 mins or so from the bench. But that wouldn't be Charlton like would it, we're rarely comfortable in a cup game.
  • Cheers Scoham - so many things going on and nobody ever seems confident of bans etc.
  • Seip is cup tied for this and the JPT.
  • Charlton going to scrape a win Saturday, nervy game (like always in a cup tie) but overall a 1-0, and that goal being scored my Reid.
  • Once again I've voted for a win although I dont think it will be a comfortable one. With the potential for quite a few 'squad' players to come into the side, due to the aforementioned injuries, suspensions, cup-ties and, in my opinion, 'rests' for some of the players who have played regularly recently this could end up going 'pear' shaped.
    However I would like to think that those who step-into the team, will want to prove to Parky they are worth a place in the starting line-up every week, and therefore would'nt want to be part of a side that received a 'cup upset' headline on Sunday morning!!
    2-1 to the addicks and a few scares along the way!! I just hope its a good game.
  • I'm going for a 1-1 draw, with us just about scraping through in the replay.
  • 1-1 draw and a replay on the TV (ESPN)

    although I suspect the probable 4/1 on Luton will look pretty favourable
  • Team selection is going to be interesting with this one. Whilst we were the better team and it wasn't a bad performance on Tuesday, Parky acknolwdged some players were a bit tired. He will be tempted to rest these and with players that are unavailable for differing reasons it might pose him with some problems. Expect Francis to play as their are no alternatives, Llera, Fortune and Fry. Whilst this defence may be a risk against Man Utd, would seem perfectly adequate for Saturday. midfield is more of a problem for me.

    Parky will want to play Waggy and Reid I'm sure and McCormack too. I also think he would like to rest Jackson and Racon - Semedo will definitely not play whether sufficiently fit or not after going off early on Tuesday. Might have to go with giving Racon and Jackson a half each in the centre of midfield. If Anyinsah is ready he will probably start and be taken off at a suitable time. I'm pretty sure Sodje has earned a start and think Parky will be keen to rest Benson. Parky will probably be thinking about bringing Abbott on after 50 -60 minutes if everything goes to plan. I would be suprised if team was a million miles away from this.

    As for the game- the team should be good enough but Luton will be up for it and we will have see Charlton in enough of these games to expect a bit of a struggle. I can clearly picture us going behind, probably through previous conditioning. I do think we will win through though eventually, even if this game ends in a replay which is something we would really want to avoid. I think the key is going to be to win it in the first half and consoldate so my starting team would be: Elliot, Francis, Llera, Fortune, Fry, Wagstaff, Racon, McCormack, Reid, Anyinsah, Sodje. I think Parky will want them to come out fast and hopefully blitz Luton so we are out of sight by the break. That team looks good enough to do it but we are Charlton playing lower (non) league in the FA cup!!!!!!
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  • [cite]Posted By: Elthamaddick[/cite]1-1 draw and a replay on the TV (ESPN)

    although I suspect the probable 4/1 on Luton will look pretty favourable

    6 to 1 on betfair luton are only small tho
  • Charlton to win...

    Who knows what the team will be - injuries, suspensions, cup-tied players and death of the first born should combine to give Parky a headache or two.
  • Massive potential banana skin against a side who will have the confidence which winning on a regular basis brings, backed by a big travelling support who will be expecting nothing and getting right behind them, whilst all the pressure will be on us in front of a very sparse and potentially restless crowd. Luton to win and then rub it in by getting drawn away to Arsenal in the next round.
  • I love the FA Cup. First game I ever saw at the Valley was in 1962, 4th round vs. Derby County. Charlton to run riot and be in the next round by half time. Please.
  • Luton win too many out through injury,suspension,cup tied or refused allowance to play

    1-3 Luton
  • This has got defeat written all over it.

    We are under strength they are highly motivated.

    Charlton 1 Luton 2 but desperately want to be proved wrong.

    We need the bunce from the 3rd round.
  • We shouldn't write off Luton as a park/ pub side. This might be their biggest game of the season and they will go all out for an upset.

    I remember a few years ago when we were in the Premiership we had to play the Daggers who were in the Conference at the time. They held us at the Valley and then we won by a single goal on their patch - scored by Shaun Newton, if memory serves and in extra time.

    Curbs made his disdain of the Cup competitions quite clear - he was totally focussed on the League. Parky will be trying a bit harder if only because a cup run might be a small consolation in the unlikely event we fail with promotion!
  • this will be a comfortable win against the part-timers, just like the old days when curbs used to get us to the quarter finals.

    4-1 drubbing.
  • God, you lot are pessimistic - we are non league side with our big match at Wimbledon coming up on Tuesday. You are almost making me believe we have a chance!
  • [cite]Posted By: eartheart[/cite]God, you lot are pessimistic - we are non league side with our big match at Wimbledon coming up on Tuesday. You are almost making me believe we have a chance!

    We are awful in cups and frequently lose to lower league opposition.

    Northwich Victoria last season being a prime example.

    That is why we are pessimistic!
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  • [cite]Posted By: eartheart[/cite]God, you lot are pessimistic - we are non league side with our big match at Wimbledon coming up on Tuesday. You are almost making me believe we have a chance!

    Its genetic. We can't help it.
  • I'm going for a confident display, 3-1 win.
  • Even if Luton did win the FA would be bound to find they had played an ineligible player and kick us out - that's our genetic disposition.
  • 2-1 but a very tense afternoon and an injury we could do without.
  • All I'm going to forecast is an entertaining and possibly eventful cup game which both teams show they want to win, with a good atmosphere started by a noisy away crowd.
  • Elliott

    Wagstaff (if he doesn't play it might have to be Harriott or AnyJoe)


    Possibly a rock hard pitch.....could be another Walsall day! Or it might get called off.
  • I think Benno will get a rest, Sodje and Anyinsah to start with Abbott and Azeez on the bench. Harriott will make the bench too. Wouldn't surprise if we saw Worner in goal either. Think we'll scrape it 2-1 although wouldn't be surprised with a draw and a dreaded replay.
  • Have reluctantly voted for a Luton win, purely out of superstition.

    Missed the last seven games while on hol in Costa Rica and Nicaragua - and we were unbeaten in all of them. Now I'm back, I feel certain I shall bring some Central American curse on the team...

    Perhaps I should stay away from SE7. But having missed so much decent football while in another hemisphere, I'm desperate to see the new improved invicible CAFC. Crossing fingers that they turn up for me!!!
  • Severe weather warning issued for tomorrow
  • I think harrassing the club to open up the North stand might be a bit of a mistake now - with the weather issues? I would hae liked them to have just opened the north lower.

    Wonder what the ticket sales are like?

    Going an away win. Can only see that.
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