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If you could rename a stand...

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If you could rename one of the North/West/East stands, what would you call it and why? Just thought this might make some interesting discussion.


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    West stand - The greenwich library stand
  • The North Stand could be renamed the Quiet End

    The East Stand would be the Proper fans Stand

    The West Stand will be the Q8 Oil stand
  • The East stand

    would be The Roger Alwen Stand. No Doubt.

    As without him it would never have been built !
  • The Jimmy Seed stand / The south stand
  • the Terry Waite North West Quadrant
  • This was inevitably going to happen...
  • west stand The Phil Parkinson stand to give Charlton Life something to talk about
  • North Stand should be renamed the Carl Leaburn Stand, as that's where most of his shots ended up.
  • Peacock = east stand
    Covered end, officially , north stand
  • I would rename the West simply, 'Hat'
    A tribute to the olden days
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  • North stand - The Derek Hales Stand
    West Stand - Sam Bartram Stand
    East Stand - Keith Peacock Stand
  • West - The Cory Gibbs Main Stand
  • I would re-name the East Stand after the left-back of the opposing team who played at The Valley the day it was opened. Chris Powell.

    And the West Stand could be named after the one player who made the single, most-significant contribution to Charlton's first promotion to the Premier League. The Michael Gray Stand.
  • Christ almighty some people are bored.
  • Guarantee that as soon as we're in the prem, they will be renamed.
    N=The cheap stand, E=the dear stand, W=the bloody expensive stand & for all those away supporters, JSS=the you're paying for our summer holidays stand.
  • Sorry to be boring but I would sell the sponsoring of naming the East and West Stands to the highest bidder. If it's to be Charlton Legends, choose from Bartram, Ufton, Hales and thinking about it Johnny Summers would be nice, or Curbishley.
  • Portsmouth had a long-serving player called Eoin Hand - I always hoped they would name a stand after him - The Hand Stand
  • [cite]Posted By: sillav nitram[/cite]Christ almighty some people are bored.

    The Christ Almighty I'm Bored Stand?
  • The North Stand would have to be renamed: The 5th December 1992 Stand
  • The North Stand should officially be named the Covered End
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  • The Harpo Marx East Stand
    The Teller West Stand
  • And the way things have been recently, The Marcel Marceau North Stand.
  • away end - Adams Family Stand
  • The North Stand - The Away End

    The Jimmy Seed Stand - The Home End
  • East - Richard Murray Stand

    He deserves it for what he's done for the club
  • The Can't Stand
  • Has to be the Curbishley stand - should be reserved for great managers
  • Murray should have a stand named after himself indeed.
    A vital component to all that is Charlton Athletic.
  • Covered End, Jimmy Seed Stand, Curbishley Corner, Sam Bartram Stand, Family Stand and The East Bank (make it bigger but all one tier like 'the kop')
  • I would rename them the east, west, south and north stands because I am a hardline utilitarian.
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