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Nigels Caption Comp....



  • Yellow beaked eagle "hey you guys up there, that wings for prick trade isn't what you thought"
  • Oh damn! I've swallowed a NIGEL....
  • What's got two wings two legs and a pr*ck half way up its back?
  • After a tough year Simon Jordan finally emerges from hiding......
  • Home gate exceeds expectations
  • "I wish I could fly, right up to the sky but I can't"
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    Where Eagles Darn't
  • Alone again naturally
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    "I still don't get it"

    The following joke is said to have once been part of the Cambridge Uni Intelligence Test for undergrads. -

    Two climbers were climbing roped together in the Scottish Highlands. They saw some eagles soaring above them. Later the climbers slipped over the edge of a precipice and unfortunately plunged to their deaths. Their souls left their mortal bodies and ascended to heaven. As they rose they saw the same eagles and one soul cried out to them, 'Ah, eagles.' But the eagles, being polite, said nothing.

    P.S. If you already know it, or work it out, don't spill the beans.
  • Ok Yellow Beak, you've won the bet, now take him off......
  • "Well at least there's more here than last week"
  • Bird " Oh bollox i hate stepping in shite, still its meant to be lucky"....... Nigel " Oh another bird has trodden on me this aint good, I wish i was Charlton".
  • My dad said if i wore these colours i'd always pull the birds.......My dads a cnut.
  • My old man said be a palace fan, i sad dont be stupid your a prat.
    He said trust me son if you do i'll get you an hat.

    LIke a proper nigel i did what he said
    Now i've got a bird sitting on my head

    He's my dad i love i hate him
    i think i'll call the bird Jim

    To be continued
  • Who's the wanker on my feet
    Who's the wanker on my feet
    Who's the wanker
    who's the wanker
    whos the wanker on my feet

    Sorry admin for the swearing but it wouldn't have worked without it ( yeah ok clever it never worked with it)
  • Well, if it's any consolation, it made me laugh :-)
  • [cite]Posted By: aliwibble[/cite]Well, if it's any consolation, it made me laugh :-)

    That'll do for me
  • [cite]Posted By: SilentAddick[/cite]Oh damn! I've swallowed a NIGEL....

    absolute quailty
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  • bIRD......
    Shit in a minute
    I'm gonna shit in a minute
    shit in a minute
    I'm gonna shit in a minute
    Shit in a minute
    i'm gonna shit in a minute

    Nige l" Who's that shitting on my head, who's that shiting on my head. who's that shitting who's that shitting, who's that shitting on my head on my head Who's that shiiiting on my head
  • The lesser spotted tit
  • What's the definition of Bird Brained ?
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    Little old man from ten rows back: Oi, take that 'kin 'at off, I can't see!
    Little old lady by his side: Please excuse his rudeness, we're looking for Sainsburys. Can you tell us where it is please?
  • Try as he might, poor Nigel just couldn't remember the way back home.
  • Q: How does a Palarse fan double his number of brain cells?
    A: By sticking a dead bird on his head.
  • Pop group & brighton fans A flock of seagulls release thier new ablum cover " Wishing ( I had a potograph of you) Wanker.
  • "Bird Boy" arrives early at the Super Hero convention to make sure he can sit next to "Tangoman" after the issues he had with "Captain Nobhead" last year.
  • Lynx Nigel field test a success.
  • "I'm fat i'm ugly and i support a shit team what else could go wrong in life .....................................................

    I hope this bird shagging me from behind don't make me pregnant 1 twat in the family is enough!
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