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Favourite sport apart from football?

So whats everyones favourite sport to watch or play apart from football?

I'm big into American football, support the Falcons.
And being Irish theres nothing better than an exciting game of Hurling.


  • nhl then nfl.
  • Cricket - The Ashes are my favourite sporting event bar none.

    Also like Boxing and Ladies Beach Volleyball ;-)
  • Like watching Rugby , cant watch American Football its to stop,start
    Darts is good aswell
  • Boxing.

    League One has the same laws and pitch dimensions as football but that's where the similarities end.
  • Never been into any other sports apart from watching the odd match etc but over the last year or so been getting into boxing, been to a couple of shows and watch it most weekends now.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Bedsaddick[/cite]Ladies Beach Volleyball ;-)[/quote]

    indeed *smokes bubble pipe*
  • Boxing!
  • Motorbike racing is my favourite sport, then football.

    Surprised so many of you are saying boxing. It's fucking shit. Any sports-entertainment with 7 world championships where you can choose who you compete against is a pale shitty insult against the sport that was based on and that I once loved
  • darts, no nonsense.
  • Jesus i forgot Formula One!! Cant wait for the new season to start! :)

    I used to be big into Motorbike Racing in my teens a few years ago Mortimerician, is it still as good as i remember? I'm talking about 7-8 years ago
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  • Cricket, Rugby Union and Athletics are my top 3 as I played as much if not more of them than football.

    As for watching most sports except horsey things (unless I've had a bet!), synchronised swimming and cars and bikes going round tracks (unless someone of interest driving or riding).
  • NFL

    I'm a big Giants fan.

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    Rugby league, following NZ Warriors, the only Kiwi team in the Australian NRL.
    Aussie Rules, following St. Kilda. Carn the Sainters!
  • Do you ever watch the international rules games Danepak?
  • [cite]Posted By: Winters-Dawn[/cite]Do you ever watch the international rules games Danepak?

    Oh yes, these games are great. Used to play Gaelic football and "toured" Ireland many times in my younger days.
  • Charlton Life.
  • Boxing and snooker men only , none of that girly boxing or snooker
  • Golf, Darts, Boxing, bit of Cricket, Rugby Union (world cup / 6 nations)

    Motorsport is about as dull as it gets
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    Cricket and Rugby.

    Hockey good to play, not spectator friendly.

    Nothing involving a motor of any kind is a sport. Boxing used to be good but I agree with Mortimerican now.

    Nothing foreigners invented, especially ones that try to mimic real sports (i.e. NFL, Aussie rules, Gaelic football).

    Nothing played on ice or sand.
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  • Golf.....and recently taken up playing rugby out here....and loving it!
  • i'll watch absolutely anything if it's england competing.
  • Cricket to watch; squash to play
  • Used to be massively into the NBA when I played basketball, but as my playing stopped my interest stopped.
  • Cricket and both rugby codes.Hate boxing for the reasons mentioned on here also anything with an engine isnt sport.
  • Beach Volley ball (womans of course)
  • Cricket is my favourite sport.
  • Cricket, Rugby League and Darts
  • i've enjoyed watching cricket more than football over the last couple of years.

    seeing england win the ashes in australia has a lot to do with that obviously.
  • Nhl, Atlanta Thrashers for me!
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