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Rochdale v Charlton 29 March 2011 - Prematch Preview, Poll and News

"What, another game? When? Tuesday? Who are we playing? Oh Rochdale away. Do you think anyone will notice if we don't do a preview? Yes I know it's in the contract and you pay us but one game. What can it hurt? OK, since you insist but we can't do our best work under that sort of pressure and abuse you know. We're artists".

For the ground hoppers and proto-92 clubbers this was once a must do game. Three cancellations, a Tuesday night and a public acknowledgement for the manager and board that is is all over mean that only the lunatic fringe/loyal hardcore will bother to make the trip. Especially as the only chance of us not having the same fixture next year is that Rochdale make the play-offs and sneak up that way.

Dale are a decent side who have picked up more points away than at home. They have both stability and a great team/work ethic. Old warhorse Gary Jones makes them tick in midfield but otherwise we at Preview Mansions couldn't name any of their players or be bothered to look them up, especially after the way the management spoke to us earlier.

We are a rag-tag bunch of players still in search of a team. We can score away from home but don't do very well against hard working sides with something to prove against a bunch of soft southern Jessies representing a former Premier League Club.

Robbie will have another blinder but be blamed for not saving their pen in the last minute and/or the colour of his towel. Michael Stewart will come off the bench and get a card of one colour or another. BWP will score. We may win or we may not.

Roll on the summer


  • PMSL, Great work Ben.
  • Another Defeat
  • Another draw
  • [cite]Posted By: DA9[/cite]PMSL, Great work Ben.

    I thank you.
  • Charlton 2-1.
    Parrett and BWP.
  • edited March 2011
    At this moment in time the boys from the norther boozer are a better pub side than us

    what could be more inspiring for the charlton team than seeing the hordes of ones and twos going up there to roar them on

    if rochdale can keep their shots as accurate at hitting our keeper as bournemouth we'll stand a chance, as long as he's not still doing his superb slow motion impressions

    who knows what will happen, who cares

    apparently they have award winning pies up there , so will be worth the trip

  • Does anyone know of any stream or radio stream for the match?
  • I have voted for an addicks win.....dont really know why other than we have to win a game one day so why not this one?

    Same team as Saturday I guess.....but I hope to see 3 changes.....NE for Waggy, Anyinsah for Nouble and somewhat controversially......Stewart for Racon all on from the start.

    2-1 addicks

    Match thread will start about 7 pm......I thank u!!
  • 3 vs 0 defeat.

    nothing to be done.

    The club gave up this season before the fans did
  • Official write up says Nouble out. Hopefully Anyinsah will come back in and stay injury free.

    Having said that we still won't win.

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  • edited March 2011
    I honestly didn't know we had a game tomorrow night!!

    past caring about the result etc...
  • We will score but stoll b on th wrong end if a 3 or 4 goal drubbing
  • Well, I've voted for a draw - that's what we do at the moment. Let's just hope it's a 3-3 thriller.
  • [cite]Posted By: Clem_Snide[/cite]Official write up says Nouble out. Hopefully Anyinsah will come back in and stay injury free.

    Having said that we still won't win.


    If Big Joe plays we have a better chance of winning.
  • 2 - 0 to Rochdale
  • It pains me to say I didnt even realise we were playing.

    Fair play to anyone going but any ticking the box of doing Rochdale can be safely done next season.

    Fancy us to get another battling point against what are now superior opposition.

    217 Charlton fans
  • [cite]Posted By: Southendaddick[/cite]
    217 Charlton fans

    could be a moody count cos of old tickets not being returned

    i'll go for 165 actual addicks fans there
  • Third draw in a row 3-3 this time.
  • Ayinsah for Nouble would be good news.

    Fancy BWP to score his usual goal a game despite not looking interested.

    If we could keep a clean sheet we will probably win but I can't remember the last time we managed one?
  • Nah. We've ridden our luck to get 2 draws in a row the same way we rode our luck to get 4 wins when CP came in, and like that it can't go on. 0-2.
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  • Draw. 1-1. I'll be at the England game watching another B side.
  • I feel horrible for saying it but I'm glad Nouble is injured, we look more likely will Anyinsah.

    Really can't predict this one but I have a horrible feeling we will revert to how we were playing before the last 2 games and go down 1-0 to a scrappy goal.
  • 10-0 Rochdale. I've got every prediction wrong so far, here's hoping my skills haven't deserted me.
  • A certain irony with this fixture.

    Rochdale are experiencing one of the best seasons of their history whereas we have a sporting chance of our lowest ever finish since the 1920s.

    One club on a high another in despair.

    The mood of the Rochdale fans at Spotland will inevitably be bullish and supportive towards their own and, I fear, will contribute to a Rochdale victory.
  • I predict a win. Anyinsah for Nouble and Stewart for Semedo my only changes. Looking forward to it. Spending the day in Holmfirth whilst Golfie plays a round with himself, golf that is. Nice pub lunch and a couple of pints. Then 3 points. Happy days. Oh, and a batch of homemade chocolate brownies for the journey up.
  • RobRob
    edited March 2011
    I think we'll lose this one. Don't have any confidence at the moment. We may even go 1-0 up with a BWP goal but we'll lose. 3-1
  • 0-2 CAFC win ++
  • The Lass & I will be there so I'm going for a 0-0
  • we're playing farking rochdale and they are favourites ......

  • 2-0 Charlton .....
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