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Best website to buy football tickets through? (PL)

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I've got to buy two tickets for my brother in law, who will be visiting London in a couple of weeks time.
He's the type of Aussie (proper bush boy), who thinks football is a sissy sport. His wife has asked me to sort tickets out, so he can get a proper experience which hopefully will make him think twice, next time he's about to slag our sport of choice off.
I could have been nasty and bought him tickets for Nillwall v Leeds United (I was actually considering this as a laugh - imagine Crocodile Dundee in Bermondsey).
However, I consider myself a nice brother in law. Also, I've been asked to sort out tickets for Premier League.
Spurs v Stoke has been requested. Any websites that you can recommend?

The cheapest I've found is 110 quid through


  • Unfortunately only single tickets are available through that link
  • adsads
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    would avoid the 'worldticketshop', they've been on watchdog a few times! you could try one of the clubs independent forums or get tickets for the away end? or take him to a Rymans Premier League game
  • Thanks, will do
  • If i was a neutral, then the Milwall Vs Leeds game would appeal to me.
    Great atmosphere and both teams in with a play off shout.
    It would certainly come before Spurs Vs Stoke.
  • I think they're a bit nervous about the Millwall lot.
  • Ended up buying them tickets for QPR v Blades on Monday night. 30 quid per ticket.
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