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Sony Xperia Play vs iPhone 4 iOS

So which is better?


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    Only one way to find out...





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    I got an Arc instead, bigger screen than the Play, better camera, better battery life, and less prone to crashing (according to techradar) If you use your phone for games 8 hours a day then the Play has no competition, if you want an Android phone to rival HTC and Apple, then the Arc is great. Only thing it lacks is a forward facing camera but I have no need to video call anyone, so I couldn't care less.
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    I have the xperia x10, has been a cracking phone. I will be getting the arc in a couple months. Sony beats apple on this one
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    It may be worth checking out the samsung galaxy s 2. Probably the best specced phone out at the mo and can be found on some decent deals. Ive started to notice a trend on ios devices in that they go slow after a year and abit of use thats looking at a phone i own and a few mates and of course you pay a hell of alot more. If you want an iphone may be better to wait a few months for the new one.

    If you really wanna be different you could always try windows phone 7!
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