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Hearts fan attacks Neil Lennon

anyone see that aswell



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    Yes just seen it now.

    Completely unacceptable and a disgrace, appalling as well for Hearts that the guy was allowed to get that far... and that is coming from someone who follows Rangers and thinks as much of Lennon as I do of some of the algae in my pond in the garden.

    This is the big risk that Lennon has taken with his actions this season regarding a number of issues... on any given day there will be a nutter that will get too worked up and will do something like this.

    The fan will obviously be banned for life and most likely get bird but Hearts (and/or the OB) should be up before the beak as well for whatever shambles that security was.
  • "This is the big risk that Lennon has taken..."


    While Lennon has been a bit OTT in some of his actions and utterances you are blaming the victim here. Ban this guy for life...after he gets out of jail. That's common assault and should be treated as such.

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    Not blaming the victim... it was disgraceful and my post emphasised that BUT you have to look at the cause as well as the consequence and sanction. And in addition to the guy being a total nutjob and the security being laughable a contributing factor is clearly how Lennon has conducted himself this season.
  • Didn't anyone else find this funny? I would love to of seen a couple league one ref's get lamped in the season just gone.

    It is quite bad though
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    Pointless posting this on Charlton life as 98% of posters don't understand or want to understand the situation!

    Anyway blatently nobody deserves that, but  if you dig a hole, you risk being pushed into it. Just as it would be wrong for somebody to push you into that hole, the
    fact that you dug it meant you took the risk.

    The fact that this happened at Hearts, Edinborough should ring a few alarm bells, the Hearts fans were cheering the attacker. There is some legit concern in Scotland that the country may be caught up in the troubles and targeted due to Lennon's actions, that's how serious this is so please less of the simplistic finger pointing at the fans and read up on things. This is serious sectarian actions. Lennon and his family are under police protection 24/7, very worrying stuff.

    I wish I was exaggerating!
  • Fact is that it is unacceptable, regardless of Lennon and what people think of him, one day this is going to happen and someone is going to get seriously hurt. The offender needs to be seriously punished to send a message to anyone thinking of doing such a thing, Meanwhile clubs need to improve their security, seemingly at all levels- look at the Bury keeper who was punched by a Chesterfield fan.
  • thankfully the "ATTACKER" was unable to stand up and delivered what appared to be a larry grayson punch
  • yes pointless FoD.. no one understands sectarianism.

  • The attacker was even more pathetic than the Spurs berk who tried to do Lampard.

    He literally could've stabbed Lennon.
  • What a mug that hearts fan was, run on to the pitch trying to land one on Neil Lennon and he's missed the ginger muppet!!! 

    Must try harder!
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  • Hmmm, I wonder if some of the Rangers fans on here who are saying that Lennon has "dug a hole" and therefore somehow provoked his attacker would take a different line in different circumstances.

    Let's take some right-wing polemicist like Richard Littlejohn who is forever railing against the evils of Islam, let's say that his frequent tirades pushes some lone Muslim over the edge and he physically assaults Littlejohn - would you still say that Littlejohn has "dug the hole" and therefore has to share the blame for being attacked? Or would you place all the blame on the Muslim attacker?

    What people are really saying here is that because Lennon has well known Republican views - and has expressed them publicly - then he has somehow contributed to himself being attacked. Would they say the same thing about someone like Andy Goram - whose views are on the other side of the debate - if he were attacked? I very much doubt it.

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    Ormiston if you put yourself up in lights and continually and purposefully draw attention to yourself, almost obsessed with the limelight, you unfortunately run the risk of this kind of thing happening. Regardless of who's side anybody is on, what views they disseminate or what the subject matter is, if it is a controversial and extreme field, there will be a nutcase that will see it as their responsibility to level the scores so to speak.

    That is not condoning this action, it is seeking to explain it.

    Nobody with an ounce of sense or humanity is suggesting Lennon deserves to be threatened, sent packages or be attacked, but it cannot be denied that his actions have stoked the fire and contributed to this situation.

    For example, correct me if I am wrong. Martin O'Neill is a RC from a place about an hour up the road from Neil Lennon. I don't remember anything like this happening to MON.
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    well one things for sure lennon aint going to change.
  • FOD the fact that you can't spell "Edinburgh" says it all. As a Sottish (Protestant) Rangers fan - who spent a few years of my life in our Capital this is an utter, utter embarrsaament. Tonight I'm ashamed.
  • I thought the capital of Scotalnd was London?
  • Sums up Scottish football for me.

    A complete farce & waste of time.

    How a whole football fanbase can care more about 'troubles' that aren't even happening in their own country beggars belief.


    And before anyone starts a) yes I do know what I'm talking about b) I think both sides are as pathetic as each other. Bunch of f'in dinosaurs!!!!!!
  • Whilst I can't condone this behaviour and I've said on here before that it is totally unacceptable in football as well as life in general, I feel that Lennon is his own worst enemy. Lennon invites hatred, he thrives on it, he stirs up anomosity like no other manager before him. His actions at Ibrox a fortnight ago, coming on to the pitch and cupping his hands to his ears facing the Rangers fans, why? I know he should be able to come on to the pitch etc but don't you think that at this time of tension he would have used some common sense and kept a low[er] profile. While Lennon was on the pitch winding folk up Ally McCoist was in the tunnel shaking the hand of every Celtic player as he left the field. Why did Lennon stay in the dressing room while a silence was held in memory of those who lost their lives in the Ibrox disaster? every other Celtic official and player paid their respect, even their fans managed it. This is just another example of Lennon causing his own problems.

    You may call him a victim and I suppose he is, more a victim of his own actions!

  • Death threats and attacking him on the sidelines is the work of cowards.








  • I know nothing about the politics of Scottish football, but I hope that the SFA throw the book at Hearts for their lack of security.  Security around Lennon should have been tighter than any other manager and that should not have happened to other managers.
  • Basically both men have revealed an astonishing lack of intelligence. The worst offender for me is the the man who stands firmly in the public eye, and by his behaviour throws fuel on an already massive sectarian problem. The need is for leaders who promote the cause of bringing people together, not perpetuating the stupidity of the past.
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  • I find it absolutely astonishing and pathetic reading the Rangers fans on here (and why are they on here? why can’t they reserve their sectarian rants for the many Rangers sites that are set up specifically for that purpose?) blaming Lennon for the sectarian abuse he is subjected to.

    But, what I find even more shocking and offensive, and it fills me with a deep sense of shame, is seeing a quasi Charlton Athletic badge merged with the symbol used by a number of the terrorist groups who are responsible for the murders of hundreds of innocent UK citizens and British troops.

  • FOD wrote ''Lennon and his family are under police protection 24/7''

    Errr, quite evidently he isnt, is he?
  • Red_in_SE8  do you want to think again about your last paragraph?
  • 24-hour surveillance.
  • What time zone is Charlton Life in now? I posted at 9.14am and it says 4.14? lol Hopefully we are only going back 5 hours and not a whole season ;-)

  • But DFT don’t you think civilised people would have the emotional maturity to deal with someone going “on to the pitch and cupping his hands to his ears facing the Rangers fans” ? If anyone thinks the appropriate response to that is to try and attack the man in question then I wonder how they deal with the everyday problems life throws at them, things must be very difficult for them.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    I’m in no way excusing Lennon, he is for all intents and purposes an idiot. I’m just capable of controlling myself and realising that ultimately everything he does to vilify himself in my eyes makes him a hero in the eyes of Celtic and his community. So long as Rangers win the title on Sunday Lennon can play up all he wants.

  • Dont want to watch the video clip thank you.

    This is brainless and violent fascism and does'nt even merit debate on an intelligent football forum.

    Anyone is entitled to pursue any religion or peaceful political movement without being beaten or threatened.

    The idea of Mr Lennon "digging holes" to be "pushed in" sends a chill down my spine and this poster ought to go and get an education before they start putting this ignorant drivel on Charlton Life.

  • I have no sympathy for anyone involved in this whole stupid shambles. When you get political and religious issues, to the point of fanaticism, involved in a game of football- FOOTBALL!- then something has gone badly wrong. I'm glad that no harm came to Lennon, but I cannot stand the man or anyone who seems determined to chuck a lighted match into the powder keg, from any or all sides. There's hardly any such thing as Scottish football any more, it's all about extremist idiots using any old excuse to create unneeded trouble.
  • I'm just glad there's no secterian sh*t in the English game.

    One day Celtic and Rangers fans will join the 21st century and they'll stop ruining Scottish football.
  • You forgot Herats fan and as for secterian stuff you can look beyond Gers & Celtic by the way it happens all over 
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