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FIFA Presidential elections - should we bother?

Given the choice next month of voting in Blatter for more years of much of the same old rubbish or the other bloke for pretty much more of the same but also with the added background of the bribery allegations around Qatar's bid, should the FA just abstain in protest?

I think they should. If it puts a few noses out of joint, so what? We ain't getting anywhere working with the current set up and it'll be decades before we even get another sniff of a World Cup bid being accepted. Maybe as the inventors of the game now's the time to make a stand for an overhaul of the whole FIFA set up. You never know, maybe someone else will have the cojones to join us.



  • FIFA is an absolute joke of an organisation.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    The problem is, whilst we’re shocked and outraged by the allegations of bribery in many nations it’s par for the course. If we want to be part of an international organisation we need to be able to see things from an international point of view. The great (and growing) disparity between the rich European nations, funded by lavish TV contracts, and the relative poverty of the developing nations and their FA’s mean that this is likely to be something which happens with regularity.

    The only way it can be tackled to our satisfaction is by having more transparency. No more voting behind closed doors, no more old boys club. The fact that FIFA have vowed to investigate these latest claims is laughable in itself. Can you imagine if any other major organisation which had serious allegations of corruption made against them were allowed to investigate themselves ?  

  • I agree.  Let's have nothing more to do with them.

    It's not like we will lose out - after the last debacle, I couldn't care less if we compete in the next World Cup or not.

    Actually, I feel the same way about the Eurovision song contest!

  • We should start by introducing our own goal-line technology trials next season, and let them get on with their corrupt ways.

    Blatter had the cheek to say "Football has it's origins in China and England"

    FIFA is jealous of our footballing history and is biased against us, so let's just do our own thing.

  • This is exactly what I think. FIFA have zero time for the English FA and therefore we have zero to lose in making waves. Abstain from any future FIFA business until such time as a root and branch review and a reorganisation is carried out. We have the most watched and profitable league in the world in England and FIFA's income generated through our participation in the Euro's and WC would be significantly reduced if they dared to introduce any sort of sanction.

    Yeah, the top 6 clubs will kick off if there's some sort of European ban but there's 86 other clubs who couldn't care less if it means we might actually have a chance of a WC during the next 50 years. We might as well make a stand now whilst our national team's really crap and never going to win anything anyway.

    Ain't going to happen though...

  • Tell FIFA to fuck off. Bunch of corrupt charlatans.
  • FA have decided not to vote in the upcoming elections. Great decision.
  • FA have decided not to vote in the upcoming elections. Great decision.
    Blimey, they've grown a set at last!
  • Corrupt to the core. The FA should galvanise support from the other big footnballing nations and leave FIFA and form a new world governing body. I can't imagine ther would be many arguments from the big nations.
  • Blimey, FA do something good.

    I'm in shock!

  • I'll say this again, for anyone who hasn't yet seen it. Buy, beg, borrow or steal a copy of 'Foul' by ANdrew Jennings. It really will make you sick reading just how corrupt the little cadre of turds that run FIFA are.
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    Think the IOC were the same Leroy. Remember reading a book Lords of the Rings about the time during Samaranch's tenure and it laid the blueprint for Blatter's mob.

    Not sure if the IOC has cleaned up its act since then but it turned me off the Olympics years back.


    Edit just looked it up and it's also by Andrew Jennings. Bet he doesnt get many Christmas cards.


  • Yep - Lord of the Rings is another excellent expose. There is also a fantastic book about just how little benefit the winter olympics brought to the people of Vancouver - can't remember the name of it right now, but if you look it up on Amazon you'll find it
  • Cool will have a butcher's.
  • Someone on here suggested that the top 16 or 20 country's should boycott the FIFA World Cup and create a Champions League type tournament of their own.


    It would never happen, but a nice thought.

  • We should start by introducing our own goal-line technology trials next season, and let them get on with their corrupt ways.

    This is a good point. I just don't get how FIFA can decide what happens our leagues; what the bloody hell has it got to do with them? We should introduce what we bloody well like and if there's a punishment just reply by saying 'OK, we don't care anyway.' At least that way we can hold our heads up.

    Who knows, if the FA organised its own World Cup, introducing goal-line technology and playing it in a country where everyone won't be suffering from heat-exhaustion, we might even find some other countries backing us.
  • For a bunch of entirely unelected, unaccountable, self-serving bureaucrats, with alleged corruption issues of its own, at least tonight we can have some faith with The FA...
  • I'm sure I've backed you up on it before Leroy but totally agree with you about Foul brilliant but at the same time sickening. This whole thing is far too late for me, it should have been done years ago, everyone knew what was going on but it took for the FA to be publicly humiliated for them to react and now it will just look like sour grapes to the rest of the footballing world. Is this a good thing? Yes. Will it make a difference? I very much doubt it.
  • I've almost finished Foul and to say I lost faith in football, at all levels, is an understatement.

    Obviously you only get AJ's viewpoint but the evidence is there but there are so many powerful people on the FIFA gravy train it's disgusting. The fact it started with Adidas effectively running football says it all. Horrible associaton.
  • As I have said previously, there is no point in continuing to be involved in an organisation now run by a bunch of self serving wankers who seem to be prepared to do anything which lines their pockets.

    We should be working behind the scenes now to set up in competition with FIFA, with Countries who actually do have a football history plus emerging teams like USA, African Countries, Asian Countries etc. The chance to host the Finals could rotate in order of joining, thereby cutting out most of the corruption. Those Countries who could not stage the Finals for which there would be firmly set criteria, would just have to miss out. The thought of Qatar hosting is totally ridiculous, lets all walk away and leave them to it rather than condone the corruption by taking part.  


  • I agree with not voting.

    After Brazil England are the biggest draw money and crowd wise World wide. Its the only reason we get seeded, its TV rights etc etc etc. Would be nice to just walk away from FIFA and set something else up, but i doubt it would happen and not sure how it would work?


    Maybe if we(England) formed another FIFA with Easter Island, The Isle of Man+Andora, we might actualy get to the finals-----well i live in hope. 

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  • Them Easter Islanders know how to play, and the I of M has that Cavandish bloke and he is really fast. We have proven that we can get a win against Andorra though.
  • It would just need England to get together with Spain, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Brazil to send the whole house of cards tumbling down. At the moment Brazil is the problem, having been awarded the next world cup; but after that the opportunity is there. Watch the other nations come scurrying to that table if the scenario were to happen.
  • Bump - given the lastest shenanigans going on.

    Couldn't make it up

  • This c*** is unbelievable

    Never mind the fact that it looks as though it's been written by someone with the IQ of a ten year old - the absolute f***ing nerve of him to think he's so completely untouchable that he can put that in an email for God's sake! Time for the whole deck of cards to be blown away, to paraphrase the somehow slightly less odious Davd Mellor (God, when Mellor looks LESS odious than someone in a comparison, you know you're talking about pondlife)
  • Now Blatter's up on a charge too. It does look like the whole thing's starting to have a massive wobble, maybe this is the time for the FA to push for an alternative organisation?

    Everyone complaining about everyone else.

  • They're all as crooked as each other. Nothing will happen to them since they pretty much govern and police themselves. The fact that the only two candidates for the presidency can both be under investigation for corruption and yet still have an election in three days shows you just how utterly laughable the whole farce is. Anyone expecting any of the other countries in world football to walk away from FIFA as some kind of protest clearly hasn't read 'Foul' by Andrew Jennings. If you read that you'll understand just how badly f***ed the whole organisation is, and has been for decades, yet asking people to pull their snouts out of the trough on some moral basis is futile.
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    Not only is FIFA crooked but it is also stupid. If it had any sense it would have realised the danger it faced from this country and gave us the World cup. That is not being biased, just a cold logical assessment. The FA have now realised that there is no point sucking up to the organisation and the press were always going to unleash the dogs of war. I said after the announcement of Russia - If FIFA thought that was bad!!!! Don't often agree with David Mellor but he is right about FIFA needing to be destroyed and built again from scratch. If anybody thinks QATAR could have got it without bribes they are living in cloud cuckoo land and the press were always going to send out the sniffer dogs for trails.

    It isn't just the World cup, it is the use of technology. Look at sports like Rugby and Cricket - they have moved with the times but Football refuses to because it is run by old farts. Dishonest old farts at that.
  • Tomoorow is D-Day for Blatter and his cronies....however I have a nasty feeling that their own 'ethics' comittee will find him and the rest 'not guilty' but will find Blatters opponent in the vote 'guilty'............what would be the odds on that??? Odds - on in my opinion.

    Agree with others that we should leave and let the whole sorry 'house of cards' come tumbling down....and take our money and TV rights with us.
  • According to the BBC: "Football's governing body Fifa provisionally suspends executive committee members Mohamed Bin Hammam and Jack Warner after a meeting of its ethics committee on Sunday but president Sepp Blatter has no case to answer."
  • So there you go then 1 man election on Wednesday and FIFA have saved us from this horrible dark corrupt world with baddies like MBH and Warner.

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